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Great video on Hindu mystic

Although i like to follow Buddhism i think there are many paths to enlightenment, This is a great video i'd like to share :) and also ram dass is a spacey cake, tell me what you think :D


  • He's very mystic... so mystic that he's mastered invisibility. ;)
  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    Do not mock the power of invisibility. :p
    I once read a book on developing this 'ability'. It seemed to involve, in part, long times spent in cupboards [yes really] . . .
    . . . those were the days . . . :thumbsup:
  • I don't see the link..?
  • omgosh plz don't tell me that's the joke... its invisible? lol
  • haha sorry my mistake i haven't checked this
  • I do this with email attachments all the time!
  • BlondelBlondel Veteran
    "His father called him Rum Dum. HIs brother called him Rammed Ass."

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