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You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (cover)

My Beatles cover with some pointless rambling beforehand...



  • MaryAnneMaryAnne Veteran Veteran
    VERY nice!!
  • MaryAnneMaryAnne Veteran Veteran
    Well, Thank You.
    Days after hearing this lovely cover of @riverflow's, and I woke up with "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" stuck in my head for most of the day!
    No, really... thank you. :thumbsup: It really is lovely!
  • riverflowriverflow Veteran Veteran
    Haha thank you @MaryAnne !
  • VastmindVastmind Veteran Memphis, TN Veteran
    edited September 2013
    Eric literally clapped out loud...... :clap:
  • CittaCitta Veteran Veteran
    Very good. Brought back memories of watching ' Help' when it was first released..Lennon singing this and the person 'mowing' the carpet miming the flute part..
    Thank you @riverflow.
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