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Does anybody here write things in a journal?

When I feel like I am learning something I like to write it down for future reference. Id like to share some of my journal entries with you and I hope you will do the same. I am very interested in your entrys so feel free to share. I write things down when I have a feeling of realization, I feel so many new ideas come to my head so I feel the need to record them. Its nice to look back and see what I wrote

here this one is pretty sloppy and hard to read but ill share it nevertheless:

What ever is around enjoy, whatever is not around don’t concern with. Reaching out to other entities will only cause you to miss out on the new entities right here and now. Smile about it and classify it as a memorable experience. It will live with you forever but it doesn’t have to follow you forever. You had your fun with it, you had your pain with it but it doesn’t exist in the grand scheme. Experience what is here and around , not what is far away . What is far away will lead to disappointment, if what was once here and around is now far away than let it pass. Find what is next, find what is here. Because what is here is the only thing that is . Don’t miss the new here because your so concerned with the old here. Nothing else is, you only think it does. You give it existence, you drag out its existence because you wont let it go. Your pain is not it letting go of you but you not letting go of it. Abandon the hope that one day what is far away will once again be here and around, it it does come back on its own enjoy it.But Always expect it to eventually fade and run away. If it is not around dont chase it, if it is around enjoy it.


  • DaltheJigsawDaltheJigsaw Veteran Mountain View Veteran
    Hey friend! I have been trying to use my Blog as my Journal. - Do you have a Journal?
  • DaltheJigsawDaltheJigsaw Veteran Mountain View Veteran
    Digital Journal??
  • genkakugenkaku Veteran Northampton, Mass. U.S.A. Veteran
    For years, I kept journals -- hand-written pretty much each day and detailing ... well, whatever came up. For quite a spell there were the ups and downs of a pretty intensive Zen Buddhist practice. There were also efforts to see more clearly more mundane problems of the day -- relationships, work, dwindling finances, first drafts of potential articles, etc.

    For years, the journals accumulated. I thought perhaps some day I would look back and be informed. And I have looked back and been ... well, more curious than anything else ... who was that person who thought he had stumbled on some bright bit of wisdom or some seismic insight? I am kindly disposed towards his difficulties and discoveries, but I don't feel especially informed. He was just a guy, someone hoping that what he wrote might clarify or soothe.

    And now the journals sit gathering mold in the basement. Now and then I have to pull one out in order to remember a time or place more precisely, but I cannot imagine anyone taking much interest since I don't take much interest myself.

    It was a good enough pastime, given my interest in writing, but I suppose I might have taken up skate-boarding and come to more or less the same conclusions.

  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran Veteran
    edited September 2013
    I keep a journal of my psychotic voices. I can track how abusive they are so I recall the perils of 'dancing' with them.

    (I wish it were a joke post, but it's not. :')
    @lobster, luckily I have Cod on my side and that's the Halibut.
  • footiamfootiam Veteran Veteran
    I suppose people write things in blogs or Facebook nowadays.
  • Jeffrey said:

    I keep a journal of my psychotic voices. I can track how abusive they are so I recall the perils of 'dancing' with them.
    (I wish it were a joke post, but it's not. :

    Gasp! Thats horrible!

    For the main thread, I don't keep a journal per se, but I do have lots of notes on exercise, spiritual practice and diet. I usually write them down for the short term, but its neat to find them years later.

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