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Will you get drunk with god?


  • matthewmartinmatthewmartin Amateur Bodhisattva Suburbs of Mt Meru Veteran
    I can pretend to break the 5th precept without actually breaking it.

    But if I pretend to lie, screw around, steal, or kill, it would still entail breaking those precepts.

    And pretending to be drunk would break the precept on lying.
  • HamsakaHamsaka goosewhisperer Polishing the 'just so' Veteran
    jll said:

    Will you get drunk with god?

    Only if He's got the tab.

  • No because there is no God, I just drunk
  • NirvanaNirvana aka BUBBA   `     `   South Carolina, USA Veteran
    Bad link. Hitting the back button will not land you back at NewBuddhist.
    Worth Ignoring, IMO. Who cares what segments of people are interested in? I hope they'll find a better way someday, though.
  • No because there is no God, I just drunk

    *get drunk

    I am sober and that sounded like a very drunk typo :-/
  • God did turn water into wine.
  • BarraBarra soto zennie wandering in a cloud in beautiful, bucolic Victoria BC, on the wacky left coast of Canada Veteran
    How sad. These people are not present. They are not being responsible. More interested in getting wasted than truly studying and following Christian teaching.
  • If God is in all beings I have already drank with him.
  • DaftChrisDaftChris Spiritually conflicted. Not of this world. Veteran
    Only if the drink in question is a nice Bloody Mary. It's the only drink whose taste I can stand. :D
  • At one point the word for yeast (somewhere) is 'god is good'.
  • jll said:

    Will you get drunk with god?

    When you can slur your silence as eloquently as Sarmand,
    consider yourself tipsy.
    Otherwise sober yourself with dharma.

    Sarmad, whom they intoxicated from the cup of love,
    Whom they called, exalted and depressed,
    Asked for wine, worship of God and wisdom,
    But they intoxicated him and made him a worshipper of idols.

    Talk not about the Kaaba and the temple with everyone,
    And in the valley of doubt walk not like the deviated ones,
    Learn the form of worship from Satan himself
    Take God only as the object of worship, bend not before any other.

    He does not live in the temple and the mosque
    But all the heavens and earth are His abode.

    Cheers. :clap:

    and now back to the blood drinking . . .
  • EvenThirdEvenThird NYC Veteran
    I watched the 'vice' documentary last night. Although their "high" is likely due to a strong imagination (rather than one strong whiff of essential oils*, or listening to someone reading the bible) they do help people. Many of the people who are part of the "drunken glory" Christian movement came from a background of substance abuse. Now they are sober, and get "high on God" instead. To each his own... If they're helping people, let them have at it (although part of me thinks that this movement is exploiting recovering addicts by telling them they can get the best high- on God, and then collecting their money)

    * This happened in the documentary LOL
  • howhow Veteran Veteran
    I didn't watch the documentary zzzzz but assume
    this intoxication with "God" is really just
    "fame & gain" as a 4 dressed up as a 9.

    if there is a follow up documentary of a resulting shot gun wedding,
    now you've got my attention.

  • This drunken glory thing might seem pretty weird from the outside, but really how weird is it compared to any other religious experience?
  • I have mentioned before that 'intoxication' is a Sufi stage, in which dervishes talk about becoming 'drunk on wine' in their poetry. Wine, which is outlawed in Islam, is a symbol for 'love of the divine vine fruits'.

    In the video we have preachers using the modern vernacular to propagate an emotional indulgence. It is hardly the 'wine' of developed mystics.
    is it this?
    or this?
    maybe something else . . .
  • I don't know. I can't remember a thing when I am drunk.
  • LiiLii Explorer
    Intoxication is an impermanent mind. Personally I do not ask for an overstimulated mind experience as is implied in the word intoxication. I just like the glow of sober mindfulness of love. Ok...well there are some exceptions to this...impermanent in nature.
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