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Blog till you drop

lobsterlobster Veteran Veteran

From another thread

I've had the journal for a few years now. I find that blogging helps me get things out and I enjoy writing. I know regret not pursuing it as either as a journalist (career) or writing as a past time and possibly self published. Although I think that is something I will start to do as my illness progresses.

In metta.

Look forward to it. :)

I read the blog of a waiter. He was a writer. He waited. Popular posters on Twitter such as Stephen Fry, write well. I can not be there for everyone's story :(

Our personal story is an insight for us and for those with similar experiences or no such similarity but a human connection . . .


Here is one of mine that has not been attended to for a few months. Not really done anything interesting like die, wait at a table, develop a cushion fetish or . . . wait a minute . . . We haz plan

Be afraid . . . Mr cushion just got out his crayons . . .



  • VastmindVastmind Veteran Memphis, TN Veteran
    edited May 2014

    I just don't have the time, to be honest. Aside from RL...I come here ( NB ) and then read maybe 3 or 4 other blogs....but just lurk there. I did enjoy reading yours,....and I like @jason 's blog....and couple of other people here occasionally.

    Things change, huh?.....maybe 15 years from now I'll have

    my own unikitty blog. .. :D ...

  • VastmindVastmind Veteran Memphis, TN Veteran

    ^^^ That joke/reference is worth explaining...lololololol

    For those that don't know who unikitty is... she's a character from the Lego movie...

    -- ..

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