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Retreat for mindful coders!

VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran

To help manifest Thay’s vision of a Plum Village mindfulness app, the sangha has announced a 5-day residential retreat at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, California from October 11-16. The retreat is for software developers, designers, project managers, experienced practitioners and an international delegation of monastics.

Participants are invited to bring their laptops. In addition to regular retreat practices such as sitting and walking meditation and dharma talks, there will be mindful work opportunities, such as coding and designing mindfulness apps.

for sign up link -



  • EvenThirdEvenThird NYC Veteran

    That's so interesting! I patiently await the results..

  • mmommo Veteran

    It will be interesting to see the outcomes of this geeky mindfulness.

  • sovasova delocalized fractyllic harmonizing Veteran

    As a coder I can confidently say that the computer is the greatest distraction to my work =)

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    @mmo said:
    It will be interesting to see the outcomes of this geeky mindfulness.

    Tee hee. Indeed.
    I am a terrible coder. However such details never stop me. I have been setting up chanting and slideshows on virtual shrines for years:

    The first three minutes shows some shrines and then just allows for a bit of bonus chanting without images ... :)

  • nakazcidnakazcid Somewhere in Dixie, y'all Veteran

    I only code in Visual Basic, which I'm told by those who should know, isn't really a programming language. Hence, it doesn't count. Oh, well.

  • mmommo Veteran
    edited July 2015

    Lobster, watching this video, I guess you are a Chinese. :p You don't mind me guessing also right?

    Last few weeks, I have been learning d3.js. It give you the ability to develop nice animated data charting with minimal coding effort.

    On here, someone posted main Buddhist ideas in an image. Based on that, it is possible to use d3.js to create interactive concept maps.

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