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"Sutra Opening Verse"

NMADDPNMADDP SUN Diego, California Veteran

From @Bunks post "Creating a Buddhist flyer for distribution"
makes me think of "Sutra Opening Verse"

開經偈 (Kāi jīng jì)
無上甚深微妙法 (Wú shàng shén shēn wéi miào fǎ)
百千萬劫難遭遇. (Bǎi qiān wàn jié nàn zāo yù)
我今見聞得受持, (Wǒ jīn jiàn wén dé shòu chí)
願解如來真實義. (Yuàn jiě rú lái zhēn shí yì)

Sutra Opening Verse
The unsurpassed, profound, and wondrous dharma
Is rarely met with, even in a hundred, thousand, million kalpas.
Now we can see and hear it, accept and maintain it,
May we unfold the meaning of the Tathagata's truth.

Very nice music

A Mi To Fo



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