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a thread of poems...

paulysopaulyso Veteranusa Veteran

the time in it prime to see time?funny,time percieve through our eyes and sometimes there are many whys...where did time go by ,and maybe some sigh.wonder in youth there is no time,oh how the youth forget about time.they got time to play,eat sleep.but in time,they may say,feet, it is time to look back and see we all change and it's a fact.time colors our eyes,as we dance back in time.some,laughs-lessens-joy,in time carried along the way.that is all i have to say.



  • paulysopaulyso Veteran usa Veteran

    leaves hangs fill the void of naked arms.leaves holds the companies of arms.the leaves and the arms supports each other .rain , breaze test their support,rest assure they can endure.and when it is their time to sepparate,their love will never be fake ,because the ground memorializes them for their sake.

  • paulysopaulyso Veteran usa Veteran

    oh air,you are so give to the young and old at heart.even the air doesn't mind the fart,knowing this stinker has some heart.this laugh tickles the ode to air,you are so fair.

  • paulysopaulyso Veteran usa Veteran

    speak of life.this is why,the rain came is so nice the rain came on high,to come down to meet us on solid ground.yes,from the sky,you are is kind to give us life,while being blind. you give yourself and we so recieve,you don't know how much it is felt.thank you rain,every where on high is your fame,you are the same.

  • Will_BakerWill_Baker Veteran Vermont Veteran

    The music echoes still, yet the amplifiers are quiet. And the criminals have all departed, leaving in their wake ill-will, smudges on the mirror and fresh memories of ripping music played.

    But soft, her face doth now present itself to me, in my mind’s eye, with her gentle voice asking, "have you been behaving foolishly?"

  • KannonKannon NAMU AMIDA BUTSU Ach-To Veteran
    edited June 2017

    Here is a poem I wrote after graduating high school

  • KannonKannon NAMU AMIDA BUTSU Ach-To Veteran

    @paulyso love your simplicity and humor. The fart joke made me laugh. I think anyone would. Even Buddha. Or especially Buddha.

    @Will_Baker reminds me of TS Eliot, my favorite poet ever.

  • paulysopaulyso Veteran usa Veteran

    will baker and eggsavior those are awesome hope is we flex our if anyone feel inspired to write or share their poems , i would be happy.the arts keeps me going.

  • paulysopaulyso Veteran usa Veteran

    happy,a question to may take a whole life for that task.but sneak a peak , happy can be found.slow it down .treasure of happy can be found,because the heart is sound...when it is found.

  • paulysopaulyso Veteran usa Veteran

    sadness can be a mess.but dont is only a see the low allows us the chance to sow.what do we sow?we sow the glow,in us to be the flow....

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    edited June 2017

    Poetry should scan (Pope or Shelley is da man!)
    Prose can ramble and meander, lose itself across the page, come in phrase or sentence too, climb a hill, walk down the vale, doesn't have to have a gauge....

    Poetry can sooth, calm or inspire,
    cool the ardour, light a fire,
    Prose can tell a tale or more,
    last a single page - or four.

    If we have to have a thread
    which speaks of Poems, or rhymes said,
    Make it classic and inspiring -
    Of reading poor stuff - I am tiring!

    Remember threads we've written here
    of Haiku, pleasing to the ear....?
    How I love to write Haiku!
    It gives the mind a lot to do.

    Finding rhymes is no great task
    there really isn't much to ask.
    Write a word, then find a rhyme....
    Bad poets do it all the time... ;)

    The trick is, with skill, to craft
    something with a fore and aft,
    and a middle section too,
    to make us all keep reading through.

    Far greater poetry than this
    has brought the readers worded bliss.
    Oh let us write, by all means do -
    But if it's poetry - see it through!!

  • paulysopaulyso Veteran usa Veteran

    frederica,you are my eurika! talkin in rhyme is fun,it's like basking in the sun.i will type a poem about luck,hopefully it doesn't suck.

  • paulysopaulyso Veteran usa Veteran

    i was down on my luck,yes i was feeling down.but i found a penny walking through town.i said,huh,must be my luck,this day might not suck.picked up the penny and put it in my pocket.funny that day the more i walked,the more i the end of the day i sat down.time to count the coins.this is my luck,no coins to be found.there is a hole in my pocket,and my soul.. said shit.

  • paulysopaulyso Veteran usa Veteran

    sorry,federica misspell your name,i hope you forgive me the same.

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