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Precept Ready?

Treeleaf are offering an online Precept ceremony for those so committed

... you are WELCOME to JOIN our TENTH (10th) ANNUAL JUKAI PREPARATIONS & CEREMONY at Treeleaf, open to any Zen Practitioner anywhere, designed for people to gather and receive Jukai online from home because of life circumstances.

Preparations will begin next week, with the actual Ceremony in January (to be held online, with participants in countries around the world, by live two-way netcast). Over the coming few months, we will hold weekly group discussions on each of the Precepts, an online guided "Sewing Circle" for creating a 'Rakusu' (a Buddhist vestment, inscribed and received during the Ceremony), opportunities for Zazen sittings with our Community, and much more. We have many members participating this year, many sewing the Rakusu (we help you all through the beautiful process, as we have for many years' of stitchers), many friendly folks to meet and share in the journey. You are invited! No donation needed (this is our Community's service). If you have ever considered such a step, please come look.

Sound like your cup of tea/apron wearing? If so Treeleaf are highly recommended for their kindly support.



  • DavidDavid A human residing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Ancestral territory of the Erie, Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat, Mississauga and Neutral First Nations Veteran

    I've never really understood the official ceremonies for things like this. I would imagine the fellowship can't be beat and I like Treeleaf but taking vows and precepts in your heart can't really be made more or less official except for in the level of caring.


  • Indeed @David <3

    Ritual confirmation is a formal practice, not everyone requires. Having been formally baptised, been unofficially declared a Jew (Eve lineage - though I suspect Lilith), been a member of occult and esoteric groups etc. I can do without pomp and pumps. However we are all different ... some in much the same way ...

  • KundoKundo Sydney, Australia Veteran

    @lobster said:
    Having been formally baptised, been unofficially declared a Jew (Eve lineage - though I suspect Lilith)


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