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The end of the world (as we know it)

MingleMingle Veteran
edited October 2017 in Philosophy

I totally dominate the philosophy section :p

I'm curious in this current moment as to Buddhism take on the end of the world, universe or rather just existence overall. I have used this site's search engine on the matter but can't find any satisfying threads on the subject.

From what I understand The Buddha mentioned something to do with "7 suns" scorching the earth and all of life dying before the second arises. While this isn't impossible it also doesn't really seem likely (not from SEVEN suns anyway). If this really was HIS claim though it was pretty close at least as a secular possibility going on his time period.

Also what of Samsara (if you believe in it)? Is that the end do you reckon? I guess if you didn't get around to achieving Nirvana at this point you have lucked out :p


  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator

    No idea on the first part, but I can tell you that a Lama I have visited with multiple times has said there are no concerns if the world ends, we will simply be born elsewhere. He laughed when one of the students asked how to mitigate climate issues to save the planet after the student felt guilty for driving a gas car to the retreat. He wasn't concerned in the least, which I found a bit off-putting, as care of the planet surely falls well within Buddhism. But I found his view interesting nonetheless.

    I wonder if the 7 suns were more of a metaphor or something rather than to be taken literally. Maybe it would appear to be 7 suns if asteroids crashed through our atmosphere. Kind of looks that way on the end of the world shows, lol.

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