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Only for those who have a strong-heart to watch it, please

misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a HinduIndia Veteran
edited December 2017 in General Banter

Hi All,

If you have a weak-heart, then please do not read this thread. If you have a strong-heart, then please read the below thread.
Today morning when I opened youtube website on my laptop, few links were showing, I opened one link and I think on its side few other links were displayed, out of which one link I found interesting which had the title "Death Row - The Final 24 Hours" and opened it and viewed it completely and its URL is

I do not wish that any person to go in the above situation and may be it would be better in crime law that for a prisoner, to totally stop the execution of the prisoner from happening and rather just have the remaining life of the prisoner to be spent in prison.

But if you have to choose, which method would you chose? As for me, I will take the injection method, as it seems less painful to me than others, though the end result is the same as other methods' end result.

May all sentient beings be peaceful, happy, safe, protected, healthy, strong, have ease of well-being and accept all the conditions of the world.


  • adamcrossleyadamcrossley Veteran UK Veteran

    I read today that in South Korea, Buddhist monks successfully fought (non-violently ofc) to have the death penalty abolished in 1036. Pretty amazing I thought.

    Anyway, I’d go for the injection too, as I’d pass out from the mere sight of the needle and probably not wake up for the actual execution. Thank goodness I’m so squeamish, and also not a mass-murderer in Texas!

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    We don't have the death penalty in the UK. The question is academic, for a UK resident.
    as a Buddhist, the taking of any life is both unskilful and unnecessary.
    Even if it seems the person deserves it.

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator

    My state doesn't have it and I find it abhorrent that my country still does (states that do and on a federal level as well). I don't know that I'd want to go an injection route. I pay such close attention to my body that I'd feel everything happening in slow motion and I think that would cause me a lot of anxiety. I really don't know. There is "value" in either depending how you look at it. For us, sudden and thus mostly painless death seems the best option, few of us want to consider suffering. But there are many gifts available to others should you experience a slower death due to illness, for example. My oldest boys' dad died several years ago, and we were talking about it the other day, and as I told my son, death really often has a lot more to do with those who are being left behind.

    Anyhow, not to stray off topic. It would be a hard decision because my choice for what I would want would likely be vastly different than what my family would experience in that event. A gentler option would be preferable to them, I am sure, while my option would be something more like a firing squad. Just bam, dead. When I had surgery and they put me to sleep for it, even those 10 seconds of initial panic were awful. I initially thought "how silly, they have a nurse here just to hold my hand!" but it turned out I was grateful they were there. And I'm not a panicking type of person usually. I think lethal injection would be a lot of the same experience.

  • silversilver In the beginning there was nothing, and then it exploded. USA, Left coast. Veteran
    edited December 2017

    I don't feel the draw or need to watch the video although I might at some point.
    I think it's enough to watch certain movies that deal with capital punishment and how they draw attention to it.

    Two movies come to mind that I felt were handled sufficiently: Green Mile and Changeling. My god, the child killer in Changeling did an awesome job of his part when it came to his hanging execution. I hope some of you make it a point to see the movie - which is based on a true story out here in California. It makes me realize that it's not so much the dying and being killed, but the psyche and how our upbringing/conditioning and personality makes us act and feel.

    From wisdom tooth surgery to my c-section and then my triple heart bypass, and more medical experiences, I was very resistent to the anesthesia and they had to give me more to get me out as much as they needed. So, I think like @karasti - I'd take the firing squad before any other choices.

  • May all sentient beings be peaceful, happy, safe, protected, healthy, strong, have ease of well-being and accept all the conditions of the world.

    Many thanks. The rest of your post, might have been executed with the above in mind ... :p

  • A buddhist who's parents were murdered by two youn men requested that they not be executed but rather that they may live to reflect upon the reality that they destroyed their lives as well as those of their victims. His request was honored.

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