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Creativity and spontaneity

I was thinking about creativity.
There are many people who practice or think the 'right things' but do those things in a rigid sense. But instead of that what works I think is tuning into the flow you naturally release the process of it.

Zen Buddhism seems to emphasise creativity more while I don't see it much in other types, perhaps as it is just a spontaneous thing, plus the fact that some people get attached to creative processes or any kind of process.

'The Buddha declared the Dharma, the eternal law, never appears or disappears, but is only lost and rediscovered. In this sense, can we not say that a new vision of “creativity” is taking place – that is, one of the pathfinder, the discoverer, and the brush-clearer? '



  • @Carameltail said:
    I was thinking about creativity.

    Tsk, tsk ...
    Let's think about dancing ...
    and then we stumble ...


    Great links @Carameltail :)
    Good to think of living a creative life, rather than being an artiste. In other words the 'art of living well', which may be very simply ...

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