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Hi everyone!

There are always many discussions on how meditation has impacted people's lives :). I am just wondering what kind of impact metta has had on you? What insights and impacts have you gained from the practice? I think it is such a beautiful practice, it brings me such a sense of love, joy and wellbeing. I also find it puts me very much in touch with my emotional realm - I can feel any sadness or grief, but there is space there too.


  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    I am just wondering what kind of impact metta has had on you?

    None whatsoever :p I am beyond such experiences ... oh wait ... :3

    Metta has levels for example in Sufism, the 'Black Heart' is considered a high state/station ...

    For us beginners radiating metta, through sadhana or meditation is a form of feed back loop or resonance ...

    ... not to be confused with metta-banana ... or such like :3

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