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A monk’s own experience of Military brutality in Myanmar

BunksBunks Australia Veteran

I think the name says it all 😪


  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    I don’t understand how countries can do this to their own people???

  • KeromeKerome Lovingness is the way The Continent Veteran

    You do have to ask exactly who is doing it… often there are people of shady backgrounds who are not afraid of violence and hurting people, and they end up in paramilitary units which get associated with the government. I imagine there probably are good people, but they are not on the front line.

    I watched some of the video, it’s definitely a sign of how bad things are that even monks, who are usually respected figures in the community, get this kind of treatment.

  • Very tragic their history. Myanmmar has been suffering for so long. They have been experiencing hardship after hardship...

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