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Aphantasia & Hyperphantasia

Hmm interesting ...

(The interesting stuff in the video ends around 12.40 minutes, then the rest is filled with ads...)

I wonder if having either of these in their extremes have any impact one's ability to meditate, especially if one's meditation involves visualisation and or being present...

I guess it's possible one may not realise that when one finds certain forms of meditation a struggles that they may well be suffering from one or the other....


  • We are all different. We need to find the tools that work.

    So for example I am working on my body awareness. Nothing to visualise. Just being aware of feelings and sensations. In other words, no need to visualise as the arisings are real.


    • Acknowledge the sensation
    • Find ways to soothe any discomforts
    • Usually means improvements in posture during formal sitting
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