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Another Direction

In what passes for my mind, everything has significance and meaning when so endowed. The authorities have been informed …

@federica once said:
Yeah, but pestles and mortars don't really have much spiritual significance, really. Diff' kettle o' fish....

Perhaps the yab-yum has no more significance than a fish in a steaming kettle

As we know meaning is given but what is significant?


  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    It’s interesting that you see what the mind is used to seeing… interpreting angels as flying bodhisattvas indeed. Things have the meaning we give them through ritual and context, choccy biscuits become transformed from things that inspire gluttony and multiple cups of tea to things that inspire devotion as an offering on a Buddhist shrine.

    We live in a world sometimes richly infested with symbols and context, in places like old churches and temples. Although the modern fetish is for minimalist design. I now live in a town that didn’t exist until 1967, a very young place, and buildings here don’t have a lot of history, except what people intentionally took with them. Still nestled in the woods are little non-denominational ritual spaces for saying goodbye to loved ones or marriages or celebrations.

  • been looking for my mind for decades now. think I lost it somewhere near Mt Lassen when turned left through the rocks.
    Heard rumors it may be lingering somewhere in the Sequoia-Kings Canyon area.

    Oh! Happy Holloween!


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