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The Buddha in our Neighbourhood

BunksBunks Australia Veteran

Kept an eye out for the influence of the Buddha on my morning walk today.

Interesting what one can find when one keeps an eye open.

Where are the Buddha's in your neighbourhood?



  • Bravo @Bunks

    Buddhas abound where I am too. Yes there are statues. However it is the awake who are present too. One of the surprising experiences the Buddha reported is the ability to perceive The Awake Being behind the impediments and distractions of z z z-land.

    • First we resonate with the Buddhas stilling
    • Then we resonate with the Sangha of good company
    • We follow the example of the Dharma

    How can we not become mindful …

  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    It’s surprising how many people, even those who have nothing to do with buddhists, gravitate towards buddha statues in the garden, in the home or on paths outside. I think it carries a much more wholesome energy than a crucifix, although i think an image of a living Jesus also has a certain something. But around here its very common to see houses with a buddha statue.

    This little monk is not a buddha yet but we rescued him from the garden of a house that was being cleared in our neighbourhood, i think you can clearly see the buddhist influence.

    People get drawn to the buddha statues first, then that encourages meditative people to come and discuss the dhamma, and eventually a little sangha gets founded. Thats one way the dhamma spreads.

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    Found him again at the local Shopping Centre….

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