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bodhi buddha body

Previously …

As well as the emotions having a mind they own, so too the body has a crave monkey of its own …
Did you notice whilst practicing awareness? Know? Eh … I mean no?

For me (a name I cull myself) the body is a natural wisdom master:

  • massage in a botle (alchemy and Police dharma)
  • feedback via pain control, physical discomfort, yoga, wim hoffery, lotus straining, martial tai chi etc
  • healthy mind in a healthy body buddy as the Greeks used to advocate

Am I on the right track?


  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    The body as a natural wisdom master, I like that @lobster… with the body it is always the case that discomfort up to a certain level is not bad, it is some kind of strain that is being noticed but often it isn’t a sign that you have to stop. Muscle aches are in this category.

    Debilitating pain, that is something else. That is a signal from the body that you’ve done yourself an injury and should pay attention to it. The first time you sit up wrong and you put your back out, you will certainly notice.

    I wish you much joy in exploring the vagaries of the body, namaste 🙏

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