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Zazen...LIVE! On a chair?

KotishkaKotishka Veteran
edited November 2022 in Meditation

I still yearn to be able to sit crossed legged, but I've found that this chair and my cushion is the best. No pain in my knees, no burning sensation, no swolleness lasting for 1 week or 2...

Hopefully if I ever attend an actual meditation retreat / Zen temple, chairs are available for those of us who have torn their meniscus trying to be a yogi instead of being mindful of their body.

What has been your experience? Is it okay to request a chair at Zen centre? So far, I haven't seen this anywhere. Are chair-users simply barred from group meditation and limited to solo-practice? I might attend a temple called Shorinji in Extremadura (Spain). Perhaps I should write to them before hand?

Have a good day everyone!


  • What @how said! :)

    I've been to two Zen centers and two Zen sitting groups. All of them had chairs and benches and your preference was not even a matter of discussion, you just picked up the one you wanted.

    I too (I believe) screwed up my right knee trying to sit in lotus style. The "need" to do it that way was just in my head.

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