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Living in surrender

JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matterNetherlands Veteran

One thing I wanted to discuss was something from the sutras, and that is this phrase:

I go to the Blessed One for refuge, to the Dhamma, and to the Sangha of monks. May the Blessed One remember me as a lay follower who has gone to him for refuge, from this day forward, for life.

It is from the end of ‘To Prince Abhaya’ (MN 58), one of my favorite sutra’s, but it is representative of many other such phrases at the end of sutra’s. What it tells me is that there is a special relationship between the Buddha, the Blessed One, and his followers.

It is something Osho also talked about, the question of living in surrender. By deciding to follow someone else you lay your burdens down, you give him your concerns and worries, and for a while at least you are made lighter and more joyful. It seems to me it is a rare experience these days.



  • Perhaps a better term is acceptance. A sailor does not surrender to nor fight the wind. He accepts the wind which then becomes his friend, enabling him (her if you wish) to sail the ship to the intended harbor.The farmer accepts the rain and sun , the change of seasons, as brothers and sisters, indispensable to a bountiful harvest. Surrender and acceptance may in this circumstance be of similar intent and meaning, Surrender as to surrender to the moment, let it envelope you. Acceptance as to accept the moment, embracing it warmly. Surrender has an often slight nuance of giving up or being overcome. Acceptance has no judgement.
    Perhaps this distinction is no more than the wandering thoughts of a warrior mind.
    Feel free to chose "Surrender" or "Acceptance" or both in your mind's, your heart's perception.

    Peace to all

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