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Saint Anthony of Padua preaches to the fishes

JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matterNetherlands Veteran

It struck me a while ago that my writing perhaps doesn’t get so many views and maybe I should start a blog. So a friend of mine, with whom I was discussing this idea, pointed me at a blog named “Saint Anthony of Padua preaches to the fishes” by a 70-year-old acquaintance of his, a philosopher. The blog is named after a miracle in the life of Saint Anthony of Padua, who arrived at a village to preach only to be met rudely by a bunch of local heretics. So he went to the waterfront and started to preach, and the fish gathered to hear him. The villagers on witnessing the miracle were much impressed.

My friend then pointed out that although the blog was started with good intentions, it had degenerated into not much more than a glorified diary. Basically the only person getting benefit from it was the writer, and rarely did anyone else come by. So to me, this posed the question, if we write to talk about our truth, how are we any different from the preacher who seeks converts? Perhaps we would do well to examine the — inevitably deeply personal — reasons why we write before embarking on a writing project.

For me, joining a range of different forums was about being able to ask questions and discuss different topics, ranging from Buddhism to mental health to Apple devices. Along the way I made some friends and started lending my experience to others. I’ve never really felt the need to preach or gain converts, I think each person should be left to his or her own spiritual path, and that wouldn’t be the reason behind starting a blog.

Why do you think you write on the forum?


  • IdleChaterIdleChater USA Veteran

    @Jeroen said:
    It struck me a while ago that my writing perhaps doesn’t get so many views and maybe I should start a blog.

    That's sounds like a good idea,

    Why do you think you write on the forum?

    Because I love idle chatter and the sound of my own voice.

  • howhow Veteran Veteran
    edited February 8

    Writing here unearths my conditioned responses of the past, which can then be compared against the less habituated versions of the same that occupy this present moment.

  • Shoshin1Shoshin1 Sentient Being Oceania Veteran
    edited February 9

    Why do you think you write on the forum?

    There are many reasons why my ego might push me to write on the forum ...

    But the main reason why I write , is to share some of the thoughts which make their presence felt...

    However there always seems to be a Dharmic connection to be found somewhere in amongst some of the non sense I write..

    Possible hints of compassion, empathy, kindness, sympathetic joy, satisfaction, attachment detachment clinging, craving, dissatisfaction...

  • As someone with Nothing better to do. There is little point in being here. Fortunately, I am not a nihilist. Therefore 'I write because I am' ... I think. :mrgreen:

    Talking of preaching:

    Which I hope does some good ...

  • Meanwhile in other fishy experiences ...

    Whilst trying to find 'The Golden Man', a story by Philip Kindred Dick ...
    I came across a comic strip by Robert Crumb - The Religious Experience of Philip K Dick

    Now need to find out about #Anamnesis

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