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The most hilarious Zen story ever

edited July 2010 in Arts & Writings
I read this once a long time ago and thought it was hilarious, but I forgot what it was called... I finally found it again tonight and figured I'd share it with you all :p It's the most hilarious Zen story ever.




  • edited July 2010
    I like this story. Sometimes I think life is like Wu-ming--incredibly simple. But my mind just wants to make it complex. Of course, Wu-ming himself wouldn't understand or care about that, would he? :)
  • FoibleFullFoibleFull Canada Veteran
    edited July 2010
    I loved the story, but couldn't complete it ... I got hungry for pickled cucumbers:grin:
  • pegembarapegembara Veteran
    edited July 2010
    Watch "Being There" with Peter Sellers

  • edited July 2010
    lol. Great story. :)
  • edited July 2010
    pegembara- I agree- one of my favorite movies.
  • edited July 2010
    Two zen monks are walking down a path. One says to other, "These pine trees are beautiful!" The other monk slaps him. The first monk says, "Why did you do that?" To which the other replied, "I'm a zen monk, I can get away with all sorts of weird stuff like that now."
  • LesCLesC Bermuda Veteran
    edited July 2010
    pegembara wrote: »

    I had the same thought... so true... thanks...
  • edited July 2010
    The story was so good. I kept getting stuck on the sour cucumber part. I knew why. Once I had a dream....well....they will say it was a dream. I am not sure what it was.

    Not gonna go into details but a little cupid with fuzzy white hair and whose back of his head was like a ripe peach and on the small of his back were copper lined turquoise ribbons rippling with flight. So that he zipped here and there very quickly.

    He took me to see one of my friends named Judy. I loved Judy. Many people loved her. She died 10 years ago. I am sad to say after all these years I still miss her very much. When I think of her though I smile but I am still sad.

    Lil Boo (I sorta call him that) and I were running out to the middle of a deep lake on a wooden dock that fed us way out above the lake. We were running so fast the planks rattled. Their was a house ahead. It was half way submerged.

    When we got to the open door way lil Boo slipped in first. I clambered down into the dark house after him and then I stopped because it was so hard to see at first.

    While I was adjusting my eyes I heard a hugh CRASH of dishes and pots and pans. Startled I turned toward the noise and I saw Judy about 10 feet away from me. "Vera....Oh my GOD how did you get HERE? Empisis on hear. She obviously knew she was where she was and that I shouldnt have been where I was.

    So I told her Lil Boo brought me. I told her "Oh Judy I missed you so much." She fluttered her right hand over her chest like she always did when something frightened her. "Oh I miss you too Vera. We hugged when she really did notice little Boo.

    He was zipping around her cabin and taking ingrediants out of the cubbard and placing them in front of him on a long oak table.

    "Isn't he fantastic? Isn't he Awesome?"

    Judy allowed that he sure was. "But what's he doing?" I stared after little Boo while he was clanging pots and pans and setting spices and other things like vinegar on the table.

    So I called him and said "Lil Boo what u doing?"

    "I making Pickles. Now pay attention." So he had a running monolog in a little bee like voice and we were trying to pay attention but not doing a very good job of it.

    "Yer making pickles?'

    "Ya thats what I said Im making pickles."

    Well that was the jist of it. It seems like there is more to a pickle than what meets the eye. heh heh. :D
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