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Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring: Amazing movie about buddhism

edited March 2011 in Arts & Writings
Anyone seen it? I liked it.


  • TheswingisyellowTheswingisyellow Trying to be open to existence Samsara Veteran
    Just googled it, looks good :thumbsup: I am gonna have to check it out.
    All the best,
  • CloudCloud Veteran
    edited March 2011
    Going to move this to World Religions, not really "Buddhism for Beginners" section material. :) It might even be Arts & Writings... ah hell I dunno. World Religions should work since movies about Buddhism may be interesting to even non-Buddhists.
  • Loved it. Its a movie about the workings of karma on multiple levels.
  • BhanteLuckyBhanteLucky Alternative lifestyle person in the South Island of New Zealand New Zealand Veteran
    I think it is one of my favorite movies. Possibly in my top three. Profound, yet simple.
  • up there for me aswell
  • LostieLostie Veteran
    edited March 2011
    Yep a great movie. There's a hot Korean chick, and the protagonist writing the Heart Sutra was an awesome scene.
  • @lostie You remind me of her :))). I like when he practices taekwondo that scene was powerful to me.
  • I was thinking.. there's a scene where he paints with water on rock and it dries a second after, I saw something like that at a nature shop. Does anyone know the name of them?
  • I'll check it out, the story looks good on IMDB, cheers for the suggestion.

  • It is a haunting tale. I saw it many years ago, and I can still picture the scenes if I close my eyes.
  • patbbpatbb Veteran
    thanks for the recommendation.
  • edited March 2011
    I didn't like it. Really depressing.
  • zenffzenff Veteran
    Part of it is about guilt and atonement.
    There’s a weird suicide in it.

    I have the film, but that's just because I like the images.
  • It's a Korean film, and my years spent there taught me that Koreans can have an unusual outlook on life because just about every generation throughout recorded history has been subjected to invasion. If you think American Country music can be depressing, their folk songs have women singing about how their husbands and lovers march off to war and never come back, and you just know it's all written from experience. And the ones who do come back carry the scars.

  • I liked it. It was nothing like I had expected (I've been meaning to watch it for a long time now). It was slightly depressing yes, but it was also surprisingly gripping for such a silent movie.
  • It was amazing! I just watched it a few nights ago! :)
  • zidanguszidangus Veteran
    edited March 2011
    I don't think it was as good as I thought it would be, some scenes were just, well weird (suicide scene in particular).

    wiki have a list, anyone seen any on the list that they liked ?

    Metta to all sentient beings
  • beingbeing Veteran
    The first time I saw it (years back) I really liked it and I didn't even have a clue about Buddhism back then.
    Now when I re-watched it recently I was kinda disappointed - it didn't make much sense to me often, anymore. :P
    But that's ok. -_-
  • ThaoThao Veteran
    I saw it; I loved it; now I own it.
  • I loved it! Everyone should see it!
  • Anyone seen it? I liked it.
    Beautiful movie. I have it on DVD and waiting for it on Bluray. Unfortunately because of all the rubbish that comes out of hollywood (there is some good but it is swamped by the rubbish as well) we have to wait until that is released before they get to the more obscure but better quality movies.
  • DaltheJigsawDaltheJigsaw Mountain View Veteran
    This movie was truly amazing!
  • genkakugenkaku Northampton, Mass. U.S.A. Veteran
    I just bought it and will watch it soon.
  • I just watched OK Baytong last night, I thought that was a really good film, its about a Buddhist monk who has to quit to look after his sisters child.

    Check it out.

    Metta to all sentient beings
  • patbbpatbb Veteran
    watched it, i liked it as a movie, i didn't like it as a introduction to Buddhism as it was just another dress for the Korean version of "Days of our lives".

    Silly drama.
  • DakiniDakini Veteran
    It has not only a "weird suicide", but a disturbing death at the end, where someone falls through the winter ice, can't get out, and drowns, to be discovered in the spring, as the ice thaws. Grim. I didn't like it.
  • @Dakini I didn't think that scene spoiled it... it was emotional to watch but makes for a powerful piece of art in a movie I think..
  • I just watched OK Baytong last night, I thought that was a really good film, its about a Buddhist monk who has to quit to look after his sisters child.

    Check it out.

    Metta to all sentient beings

    Sounds like something I'd like to watch. Sadly though it appears that Netflix doesn't have it. :(
  • @statictoybox it does lol... I saw it there a week ago?
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