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Security briefing from Lobster :)

Guys stay safe on the Interweb, <3

Update your IOS immediately (as usual) update available today

For those interested in cyber warfare:

It is interesting that UK and USA are heavily censored. If only it was applied to Nigel Fromage and Dismal Trump ...

Stay safe. Tips always welcome. Get used to people you trusts method of speech AND do not assume an attack can not be launched by email.

It is the simplest thing to redirect a legitimate web link to a website clone running rogue javascript designed to infiltrate your computer.

I have been the target of such attacks, probably by commercial and perhaps government spooky interests. I don't have anything worth hearing or buying ... however nothing stops the legitimate citizen voted for democracies, farcebook bots and usual suspects ... In fact if it was not for my tinfoil hat, I might have to resort to my most cunning plan ... zero security. B)

List of secure hardware in order of preference - in my opinion

Old hardware without wifi or wifi off at least, using ethernet
Linux or BSD - hard choice for Buddhist geeks only
Apple - best choice for most users
Chromebook - cheaper but not quite as good as Apple
Widows or similar (Windows is not very secure)
Phones - completely open via ISP, bluetooth, wifi, network hacks etc - just so you know

... and in case you are worried ... why bother ... worry is not a security strategy ...



  • I have to admit I give this zero thought. I have no clue what a "website clone running rogue java script" even means. People somewhere, maybe in my town or somewhere nearby, are keeping bacteria and viruses out of my tap water. Other people are keeping bubonic plague out of my car engine. I do my best to keep Monsanto out of my digestive tract by buying the "right" brands of corporate industrially processed sustenance. And I bought the "right" brand of corporate industrially processed toxic compounds which comprise my computer and my tricycle.

    Am I safe? No idea. Am I happy? If I decide to be. Are rogue javascripts attacking children in Aleppo?

    If this sounds dismissive, it's really an appreciation of the technophiles who side with the Good Guys, and toil unnoticed, keeping people like me fat, dumb, and happy.

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator
    edited August 2016

    Ahh but then it gets tricky when you start to look at which companies are high-risk for their employees and the companies they contract through to produce their product. Most tech stuff is high priced and yet the people who make them live horrible lives. While the people who came up with the ideas get rich instead. It is not an easy thing to consider, but it is good to not be oblivious to it, too. Our fat, dumb and happy lives almost always have a cost somewhere. Apple (as an example, not to single them out) might be good for our tech security. What are they doing for the life security of the people who build their products?

    Not to mention, all of the materials needed to build these technologies come at a huge cost to the planet. Our area is fighting mining coming here to mine precious minerals used to make computers and cell phones and vehicle computers and sensors. Because it will be built right across the road from a river that is a major source to one of the largest fresh water areas in the world. It will be at high risk due to our insatiable desire for technology. Many of these mines operate in China and South America where environmental regulations are almost non-existent. Not good for any of us.

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    Last I looked I had very little to hide, and almost all of my gear is Apple and kept carefully up to date.

    I also have a cunning strategy for email. What I do is I run my own names domain, and every site I open an account with I give a unique email address. So for example I gave Dropbox the email address "". Which means that when I get spam or phishing mails, I can compare the email address it was sent to with the contents of the mail, and I can tell who has been careless with my email address or got hacked.

    If all else fails, well I am tech savvy enough to dig into the guts and do most things. Even have a smidgeon of white hat hacking experience.

  • @Kerome said:
    Last I looked I had very little to hide, and almost all of my gear is Apple and kept carefully up to date.

    ... regarding software ...

    I use IOS and the geeky Puppy Linux.

    Probably if you want to connect to the Internet the most secure method and most unrealistic is through the command line.

    More reasonably I find the choice of browser is important ...

  • DairyLamaDairyLama Veteran Veteran

    @lobster said:More reasonably I find the choice of browser is important ...

    I couldn't read that because my browser has an ad-blocker. Oh, the irony. :p

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