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Grateful times :)

newlotusnewlotus Australia Explorer

Since bringing buddhism into my life everything seems to have changed for the better more than I could have hoped for. I gave up on fighting everything and just accepted it and moved on. It sounds so simple (it wasn't) but do very effective. Meditating everyday has made me calmer and my overall anxiety has mostly be resolved.

Other good things are happening and I'm not sure if its related to this change but lets say it is. I went into my job interview positive and confident. I decided that I was going to resign from the job that was creating anxiety and was just to hard for me. Then I got the phone call and I got my dream job! Coincidence? I doubt. So I start my dream career and job soon and I have been working towards this for years and I am so grateful that I was able to do it :)



  • kusalokusalo Monterey, California New

    A new member here, dropping in partly to test out how posting works, and it turns out the first message I read this evening, from newlotus, is such a straightforward and positive one that it seemed a perfect place to get my feet wet. Congrats on the dream job.

    I also relate to the idea of not trying to fight everything, or in my case more accurately to "let go", go more with the flow, to be more accepting, and also to not overly ponder worst case scenarios of outcomes -- anxiety I guess. I resolve to take a leaf out of newlotus' book and go to everyday sitting meditation rather than my current somewhat haphazard approach, because like newlotus I suspect good changes in me have been a result of meditating.

    Oh, and thanks for a great online place. Grateful times indeed.

    And now to practice what I preach, and unbox my seiza bench [I returned the one on loan to me from the nearby jodo shinshu temple, not fair to hog it for ever]. So I'm benched for the evening, but back again soon, amigos.

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited October 2016


    Time to dance <3
    Lobster puts on dancing shoes ...

    Great posts. Congratulations to you both. Be positive. It is free and a good plan ... <3

  • newlotusnewlotus Australia Explorer

    I wouldn't quote me just yet! I am also pretty new on here and still not sure how the posts work. But none of the things I have posted have been deleted so guessing I'm doing it ok! Oh the worst case scenario! Yeah I can relate to that one to. Thinking about it now. Any time I have had a worst case scenario it is always so far from reality. So it doesn't seem worth the energy to worry about things that more than likely won't happen. As if they do happen? Well its easier to deal with that at the time if you are not anxious. Easier said than done though.

    Then again, my positive mind set is more than likely largely due to getting this job!

  • federicafederica seeker of the clear blue sky Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    It has been said (though I don't know by whom) that Practice is wonderful when things are on the up; the real challenge is to "sit" and "Let Go" when things take a downturn. To maintain and retain this positivity and cheerful outlook when the remainder of our world turns black.

    I am thrilled that your dream job has come to you and that your life is full and joyous. Long may it continue, and I trust it will be a rewarding, fulfilling and productive, engaging, and positive period of your life. Be well, and keep up the Good Smile!!

  • ShoshinShoshin No one in particular Nowhere Special Veteran

    Great news @newlotus ...Now all you have to do in order to 'maintain' this state of mind is have/adhere to the following : Right View-Right Thought-Right Speech-Right Action-Right Livelihood-Right Effort-Right Mindfulness-Right Concentration :)

    Just keep following the path and look for the signs along the way...The path is well signposted :)

  • newlotusnewlotus Australia Explorer

    thanks fredrica :)
    @Shoshin - good advice! I am working on all that, going well so far. At least I have the right livelihood in check ;)
    right concentration? Hmm that could be tricky. Lol.

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