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ClementineClementine USA New
edited June 2017 in Mindfulness

Is there a way to become more aware of defilements, such as an inventory? Is this an insight gained with meditation? What if you are unaware of certain defilements. Where in the Suttas can I read more about this? =)<3


  • Thank you!!!

  • vinlynvinlyn Colorado...for now Veteran

    Thank you for posting that. Funny thing is -- there are no surprises there.

  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    edited June 2017

    I think meditation you would notice the defilements if you have heard teachings about them. Or not. Because it's hard to control exactly what you notice in meditation. But just by reflection and hearing teachings. I think the defilements tend to turn up though like clockwork. If they don't then we should be so lucky!

  • It is like pealing back the layers of an onion skin. I recently became aware that I like to play the victim role. It made me wonder how many more defilements I had lurking about.

  • ShoshinShoshin No one in particular Nowhere Special Veteran

    Remember @Clementine

    Defilements need causes and conditions

  • BuddhadragonBuddhadragon Ehipassiko & Carpe Diem Samsara Veteran

    @Shoshin said:
    Remember @Clementine

    Defilements need causes and conditions

    We have a condition, therefore we look for the cause...

  • ClementineClementine USA New
    edited June 2017

    Yes, a lot of that going on. =)<3 Thank you for the link.

  • Sorry, I haven't figured out how to tag people yet but thank you all for your help. <3

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    edited June 2017

    @Clementine said:
    Sorry, I haven't figured out how to tag people yet but thank you all for your help. <3

    You either hit the quote button on THEIR post (as I have done with you), or you @Clementine or @Shoshin or @DhammaDragon .... You put the '@' in front of their forum name...

  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran
    edited June 2017

    This is a list I gathered from my Tibetan sources:

    Main klesha's
    1. Desire
    2. Anger
    3. Pride
    4. Ignorance
    5. Wrong Doubts
    6. Wrong Views

    Secondary klesha's
    1. Aggression
    2. Ill-will
    3. Secrecy
    4. Hatefulness
    5. Jealousy
    6. Avarice
    7. Deceit
    8. Hypocrisy
    9. Vanity
    10. Cruelty
    11. Shamelessness
    12. Lack of consideration
    13. Lethargy
    14. Agitation
    15. Suspicion
    16. Laziness
    17. Indifference
    18. Forgetfulness
    19. Inattention
    20. Distraction

    (forgive me the odd translation error)

    With each one of these you can try it on like a jacket, contemplating it for a few moments while you see how in word or deed you may have indulged in it in the past. That will allow your wisdom to guide you to those where you have a weakness, an area where life are vulnerable and need strengthening. My experience is it is best to face these things head-on, being active in our attempt to free ourselves and renounce past behaviours which may have led us astray.

  • @Kerome This is very helpful, thank you so much.

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