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Prostrations as practice

lobsterlobster Veteran Veteran

As we all know, 'difficulties are the new ease'. After all if practice was easy, we would have to find ... eh ...

Anyone bowing out? In?



  • personperson Don't believe everything you think the void Veteran

    I remember being in Bodhgaya seeing people doing the Tibetan 100,000 prostrations retreat. I think I remember that it takes people about a month of day long prostration practice. I also remember a story of a monk who did the walking prostration all the way from Tibet to Bodhgaya.

    Personally I haven't done them in a while but when combined with the additional mental "prostration" work they can be powerful.

  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran
    edited October 2018

    I remember reading it’s very bad for the knees... :p

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