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I'm back!

newlotusnewlotus Australia Explorer

Sorry, I disappeared for ages! I also had a horrible wrist injury for about a year my wrist would dislocate when ever so a break from work let it get a bit better. After a good 4 months. Finally the pain is mostly gone and I could type again :)

So I ended up resigning from my position. It was killing me. Such a toxic environment with people always back stabbing each other. I decided I couldn't work in a place that let its employees treat each other like that.

The meditating stopped also which isn't a great help. Any ideas about how to get back into meditating? I have started Ti-training last week to help manage the various pains of life. But have still struggled getting back into the meditating. I always find something else to do. I am a very good procrastinator.

It will be good to hear from you all again.


  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    Welcome back dearest! Nice to see you again!

    Glad you are out of that environment. There's no point staying in a place that slowly kills who you are, no matter how good the job itself might be!

    Glad that's a good move for you, and I hope things are well and truly on the mend with your wrist too.

    Something that might help is to structure your meditain. I have a Meditation Timer app on my phone (its symbol is a little hour-glass) and you can programme the length of time, with chimes at periodic intervals, a background soothing noise, and a beginning and end bell.
    I use that, and it improves my discipline, and is enjoyable to use....
    If I'm in public, or in a place with other people, and it might disturb someone else, I use headphones, so you could even use it on public transport....

  • @newlotus said:
    I am a very good procrastinator.

    We use what we have. Don't meditate!
    Sit and procrastinate. You can probably get many short fits of sitting pro-crusty-natures in a day, with little effort ...

    or ...

    or ...

    or ... what works for you?

  • newlotusnewlotus Australia Explorer

    Lol the job wasnt that good. Was over worked and under paid. But no, it most definitely wasn't worth it.
    my wrist is much better but it will never be 100%. But after over a year off horrible intense pain it's a very good improvement. Plus i had my arm in an above elbow cast for 6 weeks. Anything is better than that. Was so annoying!
    The app things is a good idea. I found one that gives me reminders. Have joined a daily meditation challenge and it picks a meditation and system here do it!

    I should really meditate. My therapist has said it would be good for me.

  • personperson Don't believe everything you think The liminal space Veteran

    Try making a commitment and a habit of at least sitting down and maybe doing a minute or two of meditation everyday either just after you get up or just before you go to bed. Often the hardest part is just getting yourself onto the cushion to begin with.

  • newlotusnewlotus Australia Explorer

    yeah that is a good idea. I will work out a set time I think :)
    but my dogs at my meditation cushion so floor for me!

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