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Ajahn Chah

BunksBunks Australia Veteran
edited June 2019 in Mindfulness

My dhamma mate sent me this short video yesterday by an Australian monk that trained under Ajahn Chah.

Quite a special teacher by the sounds of it.



  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    Quite special. 💔

  • KundoKundo Sydney, Australia Veteran


  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    Bugger.....looks like it has to be played on YouTube.

  • KundoKundo Sydney, Australia Veteran

    I tried on YouTube following that link but maybe I have dodgy internet. After all, Tel$tra have been screwing up all week....

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    Ah ok. It works for me in the YouTube app

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    Ajhan Chah quite often behaves like a Zenith Master. He was beyond reproach with a deserved reputation. He is providing direct/life changing experiences.

    He is naughty ... ;)

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    edited July 2019

    Once you have read the comment link:....

    When I was at Boarding (Convent) school, I had a 'friend' who shall remain nameless, but who was a definite Attention-Seeking Drama Queen. One fine day, on our way to the Dining Hall for lunch, she realised that the presiding Nun was waiting for her to administer a scholastic punishment (relax: nothing 'corporal'; just a detention and 'black mark' note in her school record. 5 of those and it was expulsion. She already had 3!) So in the hallway, she decided to have a major fit, and faint. I knew she was shamming. I also knew she damn well deserved what she had coming to her. So while a crowd gathered round, and ministered to her unconscious state, I turned to one other fellow pupil and said:

    "[Whispered] (Watch this:)
    [out loud] I think I should get Mother Superior, she's in her office!"

    Sudden miraculous recovery of aforementioned Attention-Seeking Drama Queen.

    Turning back to my fellow pupil, I stated, "See? Works like a charm, every time. I'm going to Lunch. You coming?"

    She did.

    A-S DQ got her detention and black mark anyway. So the little act was all in vain.

  • FoibleFullFoibleFull Canada Veteran

    A good teacher is precious. For those without access, there are some very good teachers speaking on Facebook. Even a few Western monks/nuns.

  • AngusAngus Vietnam Explorer

    You may find there are many many very good western monks trained in Ajarn Chah monastery in Thailand .

  • NamadaNamada Veteran

    All the students from Ajahn Chah are good teachers, I specialy like AJahn Jayasaro and Ajahn Sumedho, he still have talks in an age of 84. Very direct and practical teachings, used for everyday life situations.

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