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A nice description of consciousness

JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matterNetherlands Veteran

This started me off realising something inside:

Let us consider the unbounded sky or mirror-like nature of consciousness. We need to be practical. Our first task is to learn to distinguish the mirror-like nature of consciousness from its content, our sense perceptions and thought. When we learn to distinguish consciousness from the states and experiences that color it, we are freed from reactioning to each passing state.

When you think of consciousness in this way, you realise it is not the things reflected in it, and what is reflected in it is the entire sensory state of body and mind.



  • You are what you eat/think?


    The world is the colour/form of the emptiness. However it is the emptiness which is/reflects the form.

    I think we might have mentioned this ... a few times ... ;)

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    Very deep @lobster :)

  • It is a good article, worth reading. Very straightforward. Here is a taste:

    This knowing or pure consciousness is called by many names, all of which point to our timeless essence. Ajahn Chah and the forest monks of Thailand speak of it as the Original Mind or the One Who Knows. In Tibetan Buddhism it is referred to as Rigpa, silent and intelligent. In Zen it is called the mind ground or mind essence. The Hindu non-dual tradition speaks of this as the timeless witness. While these teachings may sound abstract, they are quite practical. To understand them we can simply notice the two distinct dimensions to our life, the ever-changing flow of experiences, and that which knows the experiences

    The Mind Essence/Rigpa etc is not dualistic. However that which arises in it is the splitting.
    If we reside in this timeless essence, strange things happen increasingly.
    Reality ripples become manifest. <3

    Ay caraumba! :o

  • @Bunks said:
    Very deep @lobster :)

    Let me put it a different way ...
    In the early stages of calming/meditation/practice we are concerned with improvement of self or more accurately selfish self interest. Very human.

    However in the calm as it deepens, something expands. That is the calm, the empty being that is attuned or clearer in absence of self/form ...

    Now this is the deep and surprising bit. The purer/emptier we are the more our thoughts/self/heart manifest. This is very strange but we really are a reaction and projection ...

    This is why great mystics/monks and charismatic people can alter the nature of reality.

    Obviously we also have to be wary of the trump side of the force and the shallow sith generated reality distorters ...

    think and be well ... all kind of kind will become clear ...

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