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Inquiring mind magazine back issues

KeromeKerome Love, love is mysteryThe Continent Veteran

I came across this website of the now-defunct Buddhist magazine Inquiring Mind today and thought I would share it. It used to publish bi-annually, and a lot of their articles are now online. Enjoy...



  • Powerful teachings. Wow. Something for everone everyone. Come to think ... EverOne is the correct word ...

    <3 Many thanks @Kerome <3

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    ‘The gift of Dhamma excels all other gifts – sabba danam dhamma danam jinati’

    The Buddha

  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    I had a look through a few more issues, there is a lot of content there. I’ll probably return to it regularly, reading an issue over a few days or a week.

  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    Very much enjoying the Enlightenment issue (whose cover you posted over there @lobster), it was a good choice.

  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    “According to classical Buddhist understanding, the person doesn’t have problems, the person is the problem. It is because we conceive of everything in terms of me and mine, in an absolute sense, that we continue to suffer. We have to make a paradigm shift from “me and my problems” to “the Buddha seeing the Dhamma.” Buddha wisdom is the ultimate subject—the One Who Knows. And Dhamma—the Way Things Are, Nature—is the ultimate object, which can have no owner. As this shift is made, the heart is liberated. The world is still the way it is, but it’s no longer a problem, and it’s certainly not mine.”
    — Ajahn Amaro

  • How fortunate to have the interweb and such dharma resources 😍

    Being-ness: Your God
    By Yael Shy

    in the God issue (something for everyone atheists too) <3
    I loved the terribleness of g** and her voidiness ... ;)

  • paulysopaulyso usa Veteran

    @lobster said:
    I loved the terribleness of g** and her voidiness ... ;)

    :) the joy of rediscover her. many ways:christzen,be still and know.the way of the spirit...breath, the energy and flow. with the river ,fields of flowers.earths grace dharma expressed.

    in dao,align with grace,natural state,effortless effort.
    in buddhism,align with grace,the four immeasurable space,in and out,kind,love,joy,center or equimity.

    seek and find as the way shower suggest,buddha lao christ rumi suggest:in you

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