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Who is really controlling our minds ?

ShoshinShoshin No one in particularNowhere Special Veteran

Came across this interesting video clip...and decided to share it with you all....

Who is really controlling our minds

...Hmm did I really decide ???



  • AlexAlex UK Veteran

    Did you forget to attach the Clip, @Shoshin ? 🙏

  • johnathanjohnathan Canada Veteran
    edited March 2020


    Links there... click on the bold letters

  • I wish I had a mind ...

    I would throw it A Way ...

  • personperson Don't believe everything you think The liminal space Veteran

    I love the topic, at the moment I have what is called a compatibalist position. Basically, determinism is the nature of the world, including our brains, but there is still an important distinction between being pushed off a diving board and deciding to jump off one.

    There are three factors that I don't think hard determinists take into account. One, the nature of the self, even if there is no self in here making decisions does that mean decisions aren't being made. Two, foreknowledge, what factor does the ability to predict outcomes ahead of time effect those outcomes. I find especially interesting the idea of a frustrator. Three, especially when tied in with foreknowledge is the nature of consciousness or awareness. Does the existence of an internal awareness of our mental states change future outcomes? When we see ourselves getting angry to what extent does that foreknowledge of the angry state to come add an important bit of information into the deterministic mechanism? Does that produce an outcome that is different than would be produced by an automaton identical to us minus only an internal conscious experience?

  • Thanks @person 🙏🏽

    I tend to go by experience. The deterministic model seems to largely correspond to karma and the fettered mind (not to be confused with fetta mind or other cheesy karma).

    However with clarity and mindfulness more choices become available:

    • To be a bodhisattva, conscious morality/sila
    • I think, therefore I jam. Initially a stick, eventually a rhythm.
    • Mushin - no mind, no choice, vast emptiness

  • AlexAlex UK Veteran

    Whoops @Shoshin technology not always my strongest point !

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