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You are alone?

The myth is that we are each alone, that we are separate from each other, from all else.
The truth is that we are all interconnected, no one is truly alone. That invisible web of interconnection binds us all to all others. each entity is part of each other entity from the inner being to the ends of the universe. Yet our consciousness does not enable us to see or even comprehend this reality. Thus we think ourselves separate, we fail to see the unity between ourselves and the oak tree or the stranger sitting on a bench in the park. yet indeed we areal inextricably connected. Thus it is that to hare another is to harm oneself and to help another is to help oneself. The celebration of another's good fortune is honoring that connection and makes one stronger whereas the begrudging of another's good fortune or the celebration of another's suffering is denial of that interconnection ans creates loss.
Thus the saying, "Hate the action, not the person."

Peace to all



  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    However powerful the illusion created by having a body, some measure of understanding is gained if you listen to Thich Nhat Hanh explaining interdependence.

  • Ren_in_blackRen_in_black Georgia Explorer

    In the US, this current block of days has some horrific history...Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine...through these things and others I have certainly felt hopelessness for mankind.

    Though I struggle with it, especially seeing who has power in the US right now, I would like to get to a place where I don't even hate the action, but can see it dispassionately as a cause of suffering that I may or may not be able to prevent through my own actions.

  • In the spiritual realm we are interdependent. Good companions inspire us. Forgive us. Witness us etc.

    So a good post like @Lionduck is to everyones benefit. <3

  • who has power

    You do.
    The parrot preening pollymorticians/politicians are powerless to save even themselves. Vacuum them out of the way ...

    Be the lotus ripple ... o:)

  • Fellowess and fellow lotus ripples,

    How are you expressing your connection to your sangha ripple? I am twittering, facebarking ... eh booking and being a virtual lotus ...

    If feeling low you can contact me for some noble silence 😷🤐😶 ... oops better talk to the sane friendlies. 🤗 There are good people and forces for good.

    💗💗💗 We need every good person. 💗💗💗

    Long live the positive ripple of:

    💗💗💗 Buddha - the woke 💗💗💗
    🌈🌈🌈 Dharma - the anti- z z z ...
    🥳🥳🥳 Sangha - come to gather ...

  • WalkerWalker Veteran Veteran

    @lobster said:
    Fellowess and fellow lotus ripples,

    How are you expressing your connection to your sangha ripple? I am twittering, facebarking ... eh booking and being a virtual lotus ...

    Not sangha-specific, but my family has been using the HouseParty app to have a weekly meet-up.

  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    My aunt got an iPad from her daughter, so that she can FaceTime with them from her living room. As an extended family we are spending a lot of time in WhatsApp, and on the side I spend time on twitter and various forums...

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    You are alone?

    Oh yes. o:)

    What is the use of hermiting, reclusing, social shielding? It connects us or wakes us up through companionship with:

    • Nature (may include Buddha Nature)
    • Peace (of mind, bodhi and sole)
    • Ourselves

    Being social or companion type creatures, we can then forward this isolating of core being to the good. How so?

    Well for me it is the lone capacity that is transformed into our environment. Therefore our mind stuff effects everything. Who we are, how we live is influential.


  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    Yesterday for the first time since the coronavirus hit I went out to a meeting for my volunteer work, it was all very social-distance-ey and handgel before touching the coffee pot...

  • FoibleFullFoibleFull Canada Veteran

    There is a difference between being lonely and being alone. Being alone is restorative and allows us time to assimilate what we have taken in ... and to meditate.
    But as long as we have a sense of ourselves being "me", we WILL be separate from others. If there was no separation, we would have no sense of individual identity. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on how we work with it.

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