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Playne meditation tool game?

JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
edited June 6 in Diet & Habits

Has anyone tried this one? I found information about it a short video from the game's creator on Steam which I already had installed for video games and this is the first meditation based game/tool I have heard of.

It looks like an interesting idea though I doubt I will put it in place of the meditation and study I am already practicing.

A game designed to help improve mental well-being by helping players build a daily habit of meditation. Every day you meditate, the game world grows and transforms. Build resilience to stress, experience calm and relaxation.


  • KeromeKerome Love, love is mystery The Continent Veteran

    I’ve not heard of it... I knew about some of the more popular meditation apps like headspace. Not sure if a game is the right environment to practice meditation, why not just hit the cushion?

  • Lee82Lee82 Veteran

    I know gamification works for some real world activities such as playing an instrument i.e. taking the reward systems of gaming and applying then to other activities to motivate regular practice and improvement. However I can't see how that would have any real world benefit to meditation for which the objective is the practice itself with no immediate goal or reward. The two are fundamentally incompatible.

  • howhow Veteran Veteran
    edited June 6

    It reminds me of folks who knit while participating in group meetings where they say it is meditative but it seems more like they're mistaking a soporific habit that assuages an uncomfortableness in accepting where they currently are....... with their definition of meditation.

    While just about anything can be a potential lesson about meditation, I'd be careful about mistaking one for the other just as I have to do with my own habituated mentality that will vigorously defend anything that I enjoy especially if its a pleasant distraction by presenting it as a potentially helpful meditative aid.

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