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Clothing Thread

lobsterlobster Veteran
edited November 3 in Diet & Habits

All my clothes are from other family members. Some still in packaging. Now I am overwhelmed with clothing. So of course donate or pass on. Can I?
Seems it is not that simple. O.o

Clothes banks, 5 minute walk away. Gone!

Swishing? Pah! Seems as much fun as Clothing Sales Frenzy …

Traid? I thought they were a Chinese mafia …

Charity shop maybe? Or local Church/Mosque?

I am worn out from wearing …


  • Each day you could put some in a bin/box at the gate with a sign saying "help yourself" and see if there are any takers....Or if local charity shops are open, donated them...

  • JeroenJeroen Do it with a smile Netherlands Veteran

    Alternatively you could sell them on Vinted and use the money as dana for your favorite temple…

  • You can make rugs with t-shirts. Can't believe they're selling one on etsy for $50.

  • Thanks guys,

    I have just put them on freecycle. Suddenly occurred to me. Obvious. Hope that works out. I already had an account.

  • It worked. I am back on dana for everyday buddhas. It is in my dna. Left the bag of shirts outside. No need to interact. Covid safe. Told the recipient to smile at my security camera …

    Yeah baby!

  • JeroenJeroen Do it with a smile Netherlands Veteran

    Well done @lobster, a happy second home found for the shirts!

  • use - 6 pair pants/jeans
    1 set shorts
    5 shirts
    2 jackets
    keep 1 suit because sometimes must use..
    Have: two closets/2.5 dressers and a cabinet of acquired clothes
    Used to have more, but slowly divesting clothing inventory.
    Weird thing - Every time I clear the garage, family discovers a new free storage facility

  • Frugal minimalism is good @Lionduck.

    I am looking forward to more divesting …

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