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From another thread:

Any profanities, trolling, flaming....? Personal attacks? Serious "Jeezus luv yew" militant Christians throwing their weight about? Any obscene photos or posts, soliciting members to commit unspeakable acts? Any knives, guns or lethal weapons being bandied about?



My time has come … or maybe not …
The need for stimulation, even negative is part of our condition as evolved (allegedly) primates. The need to feel superior to the angry troll, unspeakable actors, the trivial or anyone else we are temporarily not like.

The Buddhist template of Sangha, Dharma and Buddha make us aware of a refining balance from extreme conflicted states. We align with a more karmically fruitful behaviour. How to move from one situation to a more beneficial?

Practice, would be my answer. Any better ideas?



  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran
    edited April 2022

    Cathartic meditations involving dance, whirling, jumping, shouting, wild gyrations, gibberish, and sudden silences.

    Creative outbursts expressed with volumes of paint on canvasses where we suddenly create impressionist masterpieces of convoluted psychedelic flowering.

    Loud, hysterical laughter, fake at first, and then rolling into real and uncontrollable deep guffaws arising from the belly.

  • KotishkaKotishka Veteran
    edited April 2022

    Thank you @person. Very insightful the first video. Funny enough... I actually went through one of those Diversity trainings and was told if I didn't partake in it I would be fired. Funny how the company, while defending Social Justice, exploited people in Ukraine as an out-source team to cut-costs .... (2018-19)

    And following your point...instead of just mindlessly scrolling I'm actually attempting in using the phone exclusively to study Japanese -the app is called Drops-.

    Pd - I remember Daryl Davis interviewing a NS leader and how he managed to create a common ground by explaining to him how rock music had its origins in black people. What a character!

  • When I'm bored I pick my nose and hit the "post" button without refining my text. I try not to use the same finger but ¯_ (ツ)_/¯

    More seriously though, I guess I need to remember to look at where my mind is when I feel bored; usually in an unpleasant emotional state like agitation or restlessness about something or other. I believe my practice is usually in the form of cultivating the feeling of, and carrying compassion with me as often as I can. This allows me to enjoy or be fascinated by just about anything. Even the agitation of boredom can be highly enjoyable to explore. When it's all so interesting, boredom seems to just stop coming around as often. And when cultivation of compassion is practiced, the returning to the embodiment of the feeling becomes more instantaneous.

  • こんにちは

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited April 2022

    Meanwhile …

    Any obscene photos or posts, soliciting members to commit unspeakable acts?

    There I was being informed of
    … when I realised I had demons to chew on …

    Yes demons taste of devilled chicken. However they are imaginary friends fiends, as you can imagine …

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