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It is never too late to pay attention

VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran

If you stop paying attention to your own actions of body, speech, and mind and focus instead on some lofty idea-like “What is Buddha? What is enlightenment?”- your spiritual journey becomes nothing more than a dream, a hallucination.

When the Chocolate Runs Out
Lama Yeshe



  • The "I'll do it tomorrow" is a lie! But it won't be til tomorrow that I pay attention.

    Then maybe just this moment for a quick second..

  • Wha...Did someone say somthing?

  • It is never too late to pay attention

    Never too early either BUT early on it may not be possible. Distractions, life, inability to focus, mara in short, scrambles our efforts.

    Hence formal discipline, continual effort, reminder, inspiration and application. One day it will all click. The polishing, the teachings, the journey, the meaning, the examples.

    We will be humbled, unfold, be attentive to the lofty ideals, the miracle of chocolate or its lack.

  • The maitreya gives her first public lecture on rite eating (chocolate sutra)

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