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Thoughts surrounding receding hair, wrinkles, and a deceased cat.

Life and death flow around us. After a period of pleasure and almost little encounters with death, I've had my first serious
encounter today while picking up the corpse of Bibastek -a stray cat I was taking care of- of the road. The scene was quite gruesome. I will not go into details but I was shocked to the point of going around in circles while just muttering "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!"

To think she was eating and sleeping all day by the backyard and now she is gone. So unexpected.

Lately, for the last 2-3years I've begun also seeing how I'm ageing myself. My hair less thick, wrinkles, annoying things like "knee pain" or wrist pain which I was unknown to. It is not that I'm aching and losing vitality, which possibly I am, but there is a change, a constant change always of course, but it is being noticeable now.

With the first example, I think the unexpectedness was the critical factor.

We always assume we will have time, we can leave things for later. Short-term sensual satisfaction instead of long-term peace.

Do not leave meritorious deeds for later. Be kind, be good, be considerate, be compassionate....

Goodbye Bibastek.



  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    Sad to see you go Bibastek. Hope you will have a good rebirth.

  • Hope you will have a good rebirth.

    I wouldn't wish that on a buddha, bodhisattvah, arhat
    Or Cat

    existence is dukkha
    Street cats included


  • Shoshin1Shoshin1 Sentient Being Oceania Veteran

    Do not leave meritorious deeds for later. Be kind, be good, be considerate, be compassionate....

    Yes....Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.... There is no time like the be present....

  • It is not, "Do we have the time?". We have the time.
    Rather, the issue is, "HOW DO WE USE THE TIME WE HAVE?".
    Small example: When you pass your neighbor on the street, do you extend a greeting or do you pass by as two ships in the fog? I takes the same time, but one is opportunity taken as the other is opportunity lost. Or action positive or action null.
    Another: When a person needs encouragement, do we give it, discourage or do nothing?
    One is positive, two are negative. Of the two, one is actively negative while the other is negative in the inaction. By not encouraging with words or simple even wordless actions, we serve to discourage, thus our inaction is negative action.
    Again, we all have the time. Do we use the time or lose the time?

    Peace to all

  • Thank you all.

    I feel the Lion's roar! @Lionduck

  • Tee Hee,

    … master bodhi Bibastek is a lying in our mined but our hearts are gone. In one sense they never were …

    A hard teaching. Cats are Buddha.

  • We do learn from the cats and dogs in our life. Small lessons and great. What and how is determined by each of us.

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