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Staying Sane

From another thread:

Cold-showering is one of the few things keeping me sane, right now.

As someone needing every clarity inducing technique, it might be helpful to suggest a few:

Any other sanities?


  • Shoshin1Shoshin1 Sentient Being Oceania Veteran

    Staying Sane

    "If you are suffering the non existential we call that insanity ...So people may be in just socially acceptable levels of insanity"

  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    Sometimes I find listening to a Terence McKenna lecture very liberating. His use of words, the concepts he talks about, the fact that he doesn’t believe in the status quo or society’s default behaviours is very freeing.

  • Ah yes we have socially acceptable craziness


    • Consumerism
    • Art
    • Political

    And what many of us consider a better norm (but 'society' may not)

    • respect for all living beings (includes Russians and spiders)
    • Ascetic living, showering and sitting … just frugality …
    • chanting in strange tongues,
    • orientation outside of career and family
  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    The thing is, nobody will bother you when you’re excessively interested in a wide range of things. For example obsessively following a football club or some other sport is even considered a healthy hobby, even something like ‘prepping for the end of the world’ is considered only marginally strange.

    But if you start becoming interested in throwing off the shackles of what society deems ok for you, there is often some kind of backlash. Take psychedelics, the classic boundary dissolving substance, still illegal in many countries after Richard Nixon’s original war on drugs starting in 1966. Non-addictive, non-toxic, the only thing wrong with psychedelics was that they started a whole lot of people thinking about society’s plan for them.

  • Whenever I feel like I'm losing my sanity, I just feign crazy for a bit. Prone to bouts of hysterical laughter, reflections of the absurdity of things, and the beauty of insignificance.

    Other things that have helped me include deadpan and dark comedy, binge eating sweetbread and dark chocolate(This one only works until you run out and is usually followed by stomach ache), limiting the mind's stage time, compassionate detatchment or discarding of the emotional state. Sometimes with visualization of placing whatever emotional state in one of those bright colored dog poop bags and putting it in a public trash can and leaving it there as I carry on.

    Insanity seems to come in a lot of flavors and who society deems insane and sane is often backwards so I try to pay little mind to what society is doing..for my sanity

  • Perhaps itis that none of us is completely sane. While, to some, that may seem to establish inherent danger, I feel it provides inherent potential for beauty, grace and growth. After all, if we were not just a little crazy, there would be no adventure, no seeking, no wonder. That little bit of crazy is our window to become greater as individuals and as a people.
    Here's to that little bit of crazy that allows us to seek better, to see the beauty in ourselves and all around us.

    Peace to all

  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    Quite right, @Lionduck … a little bit of crazy is needed to stay sane.

  • My remedies are:

    • Sports. Always feel better after.
    • As already mentioned, in great crisis, chocolate. Soothes the body-mind.
    • Writing down and sticking to a daily routine of positive activities.
    • Feel good wholesome movies.
    • Socializing in good positive company.
    • Stolen from @Jeffrey - "eat the good food first, so that you do not eat the crap later" (paraphrased). If I'm hungry or eat junk, I feel cranky.
    • Camomile tea.
  • Shoshin1Shoshin1 Sentient Being Oceania Veteran

    We are what we think some say
    Well at least I'm not a gluts, (don't overthink things)
    When my mental awareness goes astray (which it often does)...
    I'm quite happy being nuts

    Mental Awareness Disorder

  • That little bit of crazy is our window to become greater as individuals and as a people.

    Thanks everyone. I feel bettered already. <3

    Our animal nature is often routed in the body-mind-emotion complex. Our sanity can placate/discipline this cake eating monster.
    Shoshin1 and others gave useful tipping points towards the skilful/helpful.

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