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Thoughts on Plogging: Mindfulness of Dog Poo, Beer cans and broken wine bottles

KotishkaKotishka Veteran
edited November 6 in Buddhism Basics

I do not know about your countries / places, but Lanzarote is unfortunately extremely littered by cans, plastics, and other waste. There is little to no consideration nor education regarding our environment. Recycling has begun a bit late, but we are getting there.

From another thread here, I've encountered this term -plogging- to go for a walk and collect rubbish. I've started doing it quite often to clean at least my most immediate surroundings. The results are great, but I still get angry when I see cans the very next day, particularly when I see a pattern: meaning the same person just doing it again and again. In this case, it is a red Dorada beer can (squashed in a particular way and then thrown), a wine bottle (same brand, always thrown at the same places, same route) and dog poop in a plastic bag (with a particular knot and always left on the ground or next to the plants).

I realised how quickly my mind starts snapping: Look! Again! Sons of bitches! How can they do this? In Spanish it sounds a lot angrier and better I have to say: ¡Otra vez estos hijos de puta! ¡Serán subnormales! Suddenly, I realised how I was littering my mind, just like they are...

No point in complaining about them. I want this parcel to be clean for hedgehogs to roam, cats to rest, and humans to enjoy their walks across.

Small acts of kindness as How mentioned can be powerful. These also count when we are kind to our mind and not pollute it with these thoughts.

Just a bit of eco-buddhist engagement! :)



  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited November 6

    I realised how quickly my mind starts snapping: Look! Again! Sons of bitches! How can they do this?. In Spanish it sounds a lot angrier and better I have to say: ¡Otra vez estos hijos de puta! ¡Serán subnormales! Suddenly, I realised how I was littering my mind, just like they are...

    ¿ah ha?!!!

    Tee Hee. Exactly so. So much teaching from the ignorant, heedless … and ourselves:

    • Impermenance
    • Wrathful skills galore
    • Kindness to our flawed tongue, un-tempered by Manjushris sword …
    • Snapping our mind back into Bodhi mode
      Et cetera, etc, ect …

    I thought plogging was a dance? … and it may just be …

    eventually you will maybe be dancing with …


  • JeroenhowlobsterShoshin1
  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    We have a parks service who do this kind of thing…

  • Grip n' grab. I think I will invest in one because picking up all those cans did tire my back. But crazy me thought it would be a good work-out. Though to pick up toilet paper with pee leftovers and plastic with dog poop it might come useful...!

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    A friend of mine invested in an embroidery/tapestry ring. It has as bigger diameter...,.

  • FleaMarketFleaMarket Newbie, not Veteran

    Go on ahead guys, I'm gunna plalk

    Seems someone's dog's making a mess. Cheers to the responsible people picking up after it.

  • Ploggers of the world.... unite!

  • FleaMarketFleaMarket Newbie, not Veteran

    Tested out my kit today while pleandering around the park a few blocks from my house.

    The Deluxe Gopher II sports a lightweight rotatable frame with a reach of just under three feet.
    A lock-and-release hinge allows it to be easily folded up and put in a backpack for transport. Even though the material is fairly thin and feels fragile the plastic and aluminum makes this easy to carry around for long treks. The grabby itself is perfect for half-full beer bottles and lighter rubbish, however I found bags and string and such a bit of a hassle as the grabbing mechanism is not enclosed and these things can get wrapped around in an inconvenient way.

    The carrying apparatus is a modified aluminum butterfly damper with a 7" opening and duct clamp of same diameter. Sturdy yet forgiving, the wide width provides good dispersion of weight while resting on the fingers. The downside is a sharp lip which occasionally tears small holes in the bag.

    A few hours later I'd picked up a few bags, a sense of well-being, and an appetite.
    Safe to say I have a new hobby.

  • @Kotishka said:
    Ploggers of the world.... unite!

    I must admit, at first I thought you wrote Plonkers of the world unite

    Only Fools & Horses

  • FleaMarketFleaMarket Newbie, not Veteran

    @Shoshin1 said:
    I must admit, at first I thought you wrote Plonkers of the world unite

    Only Fools & Horses

    He was gunna chuck em! One of us. One of us.

  • That was a good hunt @FleaMarket

    It is a great practice as well to test your equanimity. Trust me...when you see the rubbish returning or people openly throwing more rubbish as you clean. I even told a woman if she could kindly pick up her dog's freshly deposited poo. The woman looked in shock and said: "Ah, he is pooing?" And I nodded with a face of "I really need to explain to you how your dog poos?" :skull:

  • So...There is a new plogger around the hood called Gunther. Oh yeah!

  • howhow Veteran Veteran

    I find that the routes that I clean upon, slowly end up being littered much less than they formally were.
    It's almost as if, litter encourages more littering behavior, the way if one person pulls out their cell phone for a gander, those in close vicinity often follow suite, or how one yawner in a group elicits the yawns of their fellows. Now I even see others cleaning up on my routes in-between my ploggings.
    One commercial market that supplied a lot of take-out food and used to be a perpetual dumping zone for cast-off food containers, after 10 or 15 of my plogging passes, now sends out some of its employees at the end of the day on litter patrol.
    I think it encourages folks to see the connectedness of a shared space within life's terrarium, rather than as isolated entities of a me-first mentality.

  • FleaMarketFleaMarket Newbie, not Veteran

    Neighbors leave trash in my yard on an almost daily basis as well, @Kotishka and it is not uncommon for me to see out the window someone walking their dogs letting them relieve themselves on the front lawn. Similar to your shocked woman, they likely don't see or care what they do beyond the pooing. A test of what I'm learning applied in the real world indeed. They don't know I enjoy their presence even when I do let them under my skin. Also that I like a good treasure hunt.

    The local park is host of all manner of parties and picnic tables, though large debris is hard to come by since the park rangers and guests themselves do such a good job cleaning up. I don't mind them taking the big prizes for themselves. An endless supply of dirt-laden bottle caps and celebratory reflective confetti keeps me busy and the forest is quite crisp and beautiful this time of year.

  • howhow Veteran Veteran

    In Vancouver where I used to live, dog walkers sometimes could be seen studiously stooping and dabbing at the ground with a doggy bag beside their dogs poop, so it looked like they were cleaning it up, but were really just ghosting it while not being left with the task of actually having to carry it away. Fortunately, here in Victoria, that trick has not yet caught on.

    You know, the Canadian koan of endlessly apologizing for breathing and wanting to be liked by everyone.

    Not much different, I suppose, from watching my Mom, kick her dogs poop under some nearby bush while muttering that it was all about as organic as it could get, as she walked on.

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