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Are you broken?
Not yet? Break 'the self' regularly!

As we know [dharma basics] the so called S-Elf that inhabits our being is a flawed/mad monkey. It may just be me but you may realise it is U2 ...

However [fanfare] there is a free part of all of us. Boundless, unfettered, naked awareness/mindfulness that we can engage.

Lama Picard ;)


  • silversilver In the beginning there was nothing, and then it exploded. USA, Left coast. Veteran

    Yes...I got a taste of such freedom yesterday and maybe the day before.
    Today, it's back to well, kind of a low mood - lack of sleep etc.

    Gawd, I've been broken (big and little) so many times, I wonder who's got
    the dustpan and broom.

  • You are beginning to enter 'the stream', seems good to me ...

    Live long and prosper
    Vulcan Dharma

  • KannonKannon NAMU AMIDA BUTSU Ach-To Veteran

    Not yet? Break 'the self' regularly!

    “If you want to kill yourself, kill what you don’t like. I had an old self that I killed. You can kill yourself too, but that doesn’t mean you got to stop living" -- Vargas

    I generally use writing and art to explore my self and mind. Both are usually violent, grotesque, and self-sabotaging. Even as I currently work through my mental illness and try to get better my style of art hasn't changed... It's just plain fun. I am reminded of Tarantino... and Tantric deities

    It is hard for lots of people to accept dark parts of themselves. So we separate and abstract those things...blow them out of proportion so we can look at them clearly and recognize their futility

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