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WTF ...and she calls herself a Buddhist too...Wow

Shoshin1Shoshin1 Sentient BeingOceania Veteran

Braverman’s future as home secretary in doubt as No 10 investigates police article

It would seem that she has no compassion, no empathy and is full of hate ...... and to top it off... she calls herself a Buddhist...

Suella Braveman the UK Home Secretary as just been sacked... and judging by the news reports, she comes across as a real nasty piece of work...

Braverman is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Community, formerly the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order,[148] but is not a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order.[149] She took her oath of allegiance as an MP on the Buddhist Dhammapada.

I it possible for one to hold such extreme (dare I say negative) views and still practice the Dharma ?

I find it hard to get my head around...but I guess each to their own...



  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    The UK papers can be viciously nasty. I’ve long since given up on following them, with the exception of The Guardian, which is left-leaning, progressive and ecologically minded.

  • Shoshin1Shoshin1 Sentient Being Oceania Veteran

    Yes sadly this seems to be the case... I'm reminded of Dependant Origination "ignorance" and how one might voice an opinion /a belief even if the evidence says otherwise, they continue to spout their verbal diarrhea ...

  • personperson Don't believe everything you think The liminal space Veteran
    edited November 2023

    Assholery knows no bounds. Imperial Japan, Tamil Tigers. And I believe Triratna has a bit of a reputation for producing less than stellar followers? I may be wrong about that, so correct me if I'm wrong, I don't want to badmouth a group if its unwarranted.

    I don't really know this person, but I imagine if she's been fired for some extreme views or behavior that she qualifies as an extremist member of her tribe. I like the YouTube channel Jubilee, they do bridge building work and try to have constructive dialogues across divides. A recent one, sat former lefties with former righties. One prompt was about compassion, the jist their POV was that they each show differing aspects of compassion. On the left, they're more focused on protecting people from harms, on the right they're more focused on preparing the people to face and overcome harms.

    That prompt starts at 12:29

  • And those are leaders? My goodness! No wonder the world is getting so confused and agitated.

  • I began to comment upon this issue then realized I have no actionable nowledge of UK politics nor of the psersons involved.
    As I can do nothing else, I send my prayers for all the individuals involved. My prayer is also for the UK government to ultimately act to the benefit of the people of the UK. As with the US, that maybe a tall order, but I still throw my grain of sand upon the pile.

    Peace to all.

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    If you want to know what's wrong with this world, it's in one word: Politics.
    That title covers greed, corruption, fraud and complete and utter shame.

    And that's just the current Government in the UK. For other Politics, see Russa, Israel and China.

  • marcitkomarcitko Veteran
    edited November 2023

    @federica said:
    If you want to know what's wrong with this world, it's in one word: Politics.
    That title covers greed, corruption, fraud and complete and utter shame.


    I am currently watching a slow-motion experiment that in my mind will illuminate a good part of this issue.

    An extremely capable, industrious, well-intentioned, and (in my mind) moral friend from University became the Mayor of my 1 million large city. He was on a Greenpeace boat during highschool, was the President of the biggest green NGO in the country while studying, studied urban development at a top university, had straight A's at University, wrote scholarly papers on development, organized maaaany protests for worthwhile cause, etc etc.

    To my mind, there is unlikely to be someone with a better life-resume for the job. On the other hand, if he gets greedy, corrupted, fraudulent, etc., then I must conclude that it is the political system itself that makes people so.

    On the other hand, if he remains upright, as he has so far for 2 years in the job, then there is hope!

  • I'm more astounded by the comeback of a certain former prime minister. :o

  • @person said:
    Assholery knows no bounds.

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  • Assholery knows no bounds. Season 1. Episode 2: Meet a Zen master that sends his best wishes and advice to soldiers. I thought Buddhism and killing clearly did not mix. It seems...some think otherwise....

  • Shoshin1Shoshin1 Sentient Being Oceania Veteran

    Yes WTF...

    The so called Israeli Zen teacher reminds me of what was going around a few years back "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance......."

    However it would seem that this teacher's disturbing message is "Zen and the art of killing without a conscience "

  • howhow Veteran Veteran
    edited November 2023

    This is a example of Gedo Zen ( The wrong or outside way) or more recently (gone to the dark side he has) which most classically trained Zenists are warned to absolutely avoid.
    It is a practicing of "Zen" for the deliberate concentrative development of the siddhis. This inevitably results in an increasing or hardening of the ego or identity, which is the antithesis of traditional Zen teachings or the 4 NT & 8FP.

  • ScottPenScottPen Maryland Veteran

    In the Digha Nikaya, the Buddha states:

    People should be able to live without enduring poverty. Grain and other necessities should be given to farmers. Capital should be provided for traders, and proper wages should be provided to the employed. When people have security and can earn an adequate income, they will be contented, without fear and worry. Because of this, the country will be at peace and there will be no crime.

    To me, this is the opposite of the conservative approach to governance.

  • Gedo Zen

    Even Baby Yoda (Grogu) is unable to use the dark side in service of the Buddhas. It is too hard and can barely be done by Buddha/Master Yoda

    I have been practicing my Sith/Wrathful skills. However I may just end up dead … which strangely enough may be when the balance is restored … 🤓🤭🫶

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