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No sangha in my area?

I've been reading about Buddhism for a while but I've come across a problem... I live on a small island. The only Sangha on the entire island is a group for Shambhala, which I've decided isn't for me. Have any of you experienced following the teachings of the Buddha without a physical group or place? I'm feeling stuck and like books can only take me so far.


  • DairyLamaDairyLama Veteran Veteran
    edited July 2015

    There's lots of teachings online, and of course discussion forums like this. Which tradition appeals to you? One option might be to travel and do a beginners retreat somewhere, that would give you an an idea of what Buddhist practice is about.

    This site might be helpful:
    Not all groups are on there, but the ones that are should know what else is going on in their particular area.

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    Where is this 'small island' located....? Maybe we can help with regard to a closer group on the mainland....

  • lobsterlobster Veteran Veteran

    @theteenagebuddhist said:
    The only Sangha on the entire island is a group for Shambhala, which I've decided isn't for me.

    Hello <3

    I don't trust your decision.
    Why is it not a partial solution for now? How many times have you visited? What is wrong with their meditation practice?

    Reading is the extent of your commitment?

    On your island can you build a raft or swim to the mainland? o:)

  • EvenThirdEvenThird Veteran NYC Veteran

    Would you consider some ongoing online guidance from a qualified Buddhist teacher?

    There are a few online/home study programs I know about, but they are in the Tibetan tradition (not sure if that's your thing). However, I'm sure there are similar programs online in various traditions..

  • howhow Veteran Veteran
    edited July 2015


    To live on a small island in a non Buddhist area and happen to have a Shambala group on it, is lucky.

    Books are helpful as a Sangha is helpful but neither can do your actual practice for you.

    With a Sangha or without a Sangha, trying to alter the course of your own conditioning will be a difficult process. What form of practice are you interested in?

    Regardless of all of this, remember that there is no place you can ever practice except where ever you are now in this fleeting moment.

    Good luck

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