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Zombie Christmas

Happy Christmas guys. Support your local consumerist zombie money removal service ... [too harsh?]

I love Christmas. The stuffing. The crackers. The enforced happiness. :p

My family do celebrate Christmas, so I go along for the mince pies (yum)!

My best ever Christmas was on Buddhist retreat. No one seemed to have noticed when it was Christmas day!

Dharma rules!



  • BuddhadragonBuddhadragon Ehipassiko & Carpe Diem Samsara Veteran
    edited November 2016

    Dharma is all-encompassing.
    Even in zombieland...

  • DairyLamaDairyLama Veteran Veteran
    edited November 2016

    Be careful what you ask Santa for!

  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran
    edited November 2016

    South Korean zombie movie Train to Busan incoming, perhaps around Christmas, it's quite good apparently...

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator

    I start to mentally prepare for Christmas week long in advance. Extra meditation, extra yoga! Overall, our holiday is pretty laid back and nice, and I don't mind it. But it's a very busy week and I get peopled out. With all our extended families it seems to last forever.

    One day, when our youngest is older and understands better, they are just going to find plane tickets in their stockings and we're going to run away! I'd love to, just once, take a vacation during Christmas and leave all the rest of it alone. I'd also love to do a homemade Christmas, even just with the adults. Where gifts given are all handmade in some way, whether it's something to eat, wear, or otherwise use. But I can't even get the adults on board with that because most of them work and don't think they'll have the time to do so (yet they have hours to spend driving and shopping, or shopping online). :confused:

  • Great post @karasti.

    Christmas is a vacation. Consumer frenzy not.

    It is important to do extra practice for those of us surrounded by shopping zombies. My brother in law may be working driving tourists around London on special buses. If so we may have a mobile Christmas ...

    We will be skyping relatives, last year we watched rainbows. Churches are often preparing and open. I love going in to watch the preparations and good will.

    Peace on Earth guys. Iz a plan?

  • DairyLamaDairyLama Veteran Veteran

    I guess Zombies would order brains for Christmas rather than a turkey. :p

  • LOL
    Brains for Christmas. Iz plan. Writing to Santa Claws ...

  • tee hee ... Sometimes you have to have fun ... this came way as a tweet ... after America votes for a manic president ...

    Just woke my children up & told them Santa's dead.
    Don't see why I should be the only one hearing terrible news this morning.

    — joe heenan (@joeheenan) November 9, 2016

  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran

    Thanks @karasti for the inspiration! This was the perfect idea for us! ( A way to include someone that can't make it to the store ;) ) We drew names and went over the rules last night. Only homemade...nothing store bought and it has to fit in an envelope ( so we're all on even playing fields), hahaha.

    Can't wait to report back! Thanks again for the idea! * hugs * :smiley:

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