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A wish for you

In this holiday season, with the old year ending and the new one fast approaching, I present you with a wish for you.

That the wealth of your storehouse be such that you suffer not from want of that which sustains the body and the mind.

That the wealth of your body enables you to be active and support the wealth of your heart.

That the wealth of your heart be abundant and ever expansive. For the wealth of the heart grows the more you share it.

These treasures of life I wish up on you for all your years.

Peace to all.



  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited December 2017

    Lobster faints. ?

    <3 Bravo @Lionduck <3
    I may have to do a holiday blessing too ... B)

    Lobster goes off to find wish fulfilling jewel ... which grows on a special tree ...

    Look who I found sitting underneath the tree
    One of the three jewels ...

  • DavidDavid A human residing in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Ancestral territory of the Erie, Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat, Mississauga and Neutral First Nations Veteran

    I can actually feel the sincerity.

    Pretty neat.

  • ajhayesajhayes Pema Jinpa Dorje Northern Michigan Veteran

    Thank you. And best wishes to you and yours as well.

    This is one of the finer feel good posts I've encountered. As @David said, you can feel the sincerity.

  • misecmisc1misecmisc1 I am a Hindu India Veteran

    Thank you @Lionduck and same to you too.
    May all sentient beings be peaceful, happy, safe, protected, healthy, strong, have ease of well-being and accept all the conditions of the world.

  • @David said:
    I can actually feel the sincerity.

    Pretty neat.

    Feeling the word and intention. How wonderful is that. As we still our contention, mind, restless heart, body twitching etc ... What happens ...

    @David said:
    I can actually feel the sincerity.

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