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I have started meditating with my eye open again. My effort and resolve, resolutions if you will are:

  1. Stop wearing an imiginary eye patch. I am not a dharma pirate or pastafarian.
  2. Develop concentration rites, eh ... right concentration but abandon right or left wing garuda politics
  3. Abandon Buddhism as just another rafter or beam
  4. Be kinder to beginners, especially me
  5. Become more enlightened than knot

That should keep me busy. What are your unplanned resolves?



  • ShoshinShoshin No one in particular Nowhere Special Veteran

    What are your unplanned resolves?

    Not to take my self too seriously ...

  • LotusMindLotusMind San Francisco Explorer

    I resolve to incorporate my buddhist practise into my everyday living.

  • paulysopaulyso usa Veteran

    resolve or right intention is buddhist..... better at work,do a nice job.
    2.less debt,less stress. coins until it fills the water jug.then cash in.

    wish me luck.the trick is change behavior takes time,as we know.and if i fail get over quickly.that's buddhism too! just be.

  • Everyone haz plan <3

    • Enter the good intention
    • Change life for the one we have
    • Dance
  • KundoKundo Sydney, Australia Veteran

    I resolve to deepen my practise

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited January 2019

    @paulyso said:
    wish me luck


    @Kundo said:
    I resolve to deepen my practise

    Good fortune follows from commitment ... ask Mrs Mazel ...

    I am happy to be a lay Buddhist. I consider it a deeper potential.
    Bravo Bodhi Buddhies. Good luck. Mistle Toff (think that is right) ...

  • As we know the Tao Way Zenniths are resolved to no-resolve ...

    I resign. Iz plan?

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