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Thank you Buddha

From another thread ...

once in a while I am literally brought to my knees in either awe or gratitude or both. And my instinct is to thank God, but the longer I live the harder God is to define, so who or what I am thanking?

Thank you Buddha? Enlightened Boddhisatvas? How and who?
Awe and gratitude to the unnamed indefinable?

What is your gratitude?



  • Good answer @Fosdick <3

    I personally am very grateful for what I have not received too. I am grateful:

    • to mature nature.
    • god even when/if non existent or hovering like ceiling cat
    • my invisible dog
    • HH The Daily Llama,
    • His Highness the Papa Popey Pop Pope ... now available in lock down mode
    • General Motor Mouth, Fake Genius Trumpee

    But in the spirit of the original post, I don't really have a reason for gratitude.
    I am just very grateful

    <3 Thank You. NAMO AMITABA <3

  • WalkerWalker Veteran Veteran

    Essential workers doing what they do to keep us safe, fed, sheltered.

    The majority of the population that understands what it will take to get through this and are trying to get used to the 'new normal' of daily life.

    Those that don't 'get it', they're giving the rest lessons in patience.

    Grateful for the NewBuddhist Sangha. I've been away for awhile, this forum has given me a chance for some semblance of social interaction through all this.

  • Gratitude that I can laugh and cry
    Gratitude that each day is another opportunity
    Gratitude that I am a part of this wondrous accident
    Gratitude for all the Buddhas and all the people for they are one n the same
    Gratitude for sharing my life and for others share theirs
    Thank you all
    Though we will likely never meet, our live intertwine
    Invisable, the threads connect us all

    Peace to all

  • FosdickFosdick in its eye are mirrored far off mountains Alaska, USA Veteran


    β€’god ... hovering like ceiling cat>


  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran in all dimensions, knower of all worlds.....both teacher and guide of gods as well as humans.....

    Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    Gratitude and contentment over the silence in the morning
    Gratitude and contentment over the cool air
    Gratitude and contentment over the love I encounter
    Gratitude and contentment over a simple cup of coffee


  • Bravo @Kerome πŸ’—πŸŒˆπŸ¦ž


    Grateful for food delivered today ... oh yeah ...
    We had grateful morning coffee with Ras malai - oh yum!
    A wonderful free range sentient (chicken) for lunch yum, yum, yum ...

    Food; be grateful for every mouthful. πŸ₯³πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’—

  • We had a trying morning but I'm grateful to have had the help and company of our neighbor. I'm also grateful to you people who I can tell this story!

    My girlfriend forgot her keys in her car ignition and we enlisted the help of our neighbor who works on antique cars to help jump start her car. Well we tried but it looked like our battery was not giving any improvement the lights or anything else were not improving.

    So then my girlfriend and the neighbor were working on taking the battery out. Of course it was a puzzle with not much room and having to take things apart. And then the craziest thing happened. The neighbor dropped a wrench in the car and we could not find where it was stuck.

    We did get the battery out but my girlfriend has an online singing voice lesson so the car saga is 'to be continued' tomorrow as we will pick up a new battery at Walmart and hope to either find the wrench or hope it doesn't stick in a moving part.

    The neighbor is a really nice guy and I was glad to chat with him. But hopefully no more car troubles this month.

  • WalkerWalker Veteran Veteran

    @Jeffrey If you have a strong magnet, you might be able to locate the wrench with it.

  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    edited April 2020

    @Walker good idea. I have a set of magnetic measuring spoons but I don't think they are very strong. Maybe could buy one at an auto store?

  • WalkerWalker Veteran Veteran
    edited April 2020

    @Jeffrey Yeah. Or Amazon might have something.
    Edit: Amazon probably wouldn't be a good option if you want to find the wrench tomorrow. Self Face-palms :D

  • Update we got the new battery installed and have a magnet that is actually quite small but is attached to a retractable thing that looks a lot like an antenna on boom box. We could not find the wrench so car runs but wrench is still a mystery. The magnet is strong enough to lift a wrench. I talked to the neighbor for about a half hour afterwards. I had talked to him before and I like the guy. Hopefully we did a good enough job on the battery that we didn't mess anything else up.

  • howhow Veteran Veteran

    @ Jeffrey
    A possible reason for why your magnet is not finding an out of sight steel wrench lost around a car engine & frame is....

    A test magnet that can pick up a steel wrench off a non steel surface may very well not be able to pick up that same wrench when that wrench is in contact with another steel metal surface because of the countering magnetic force occuring between the magnetically charged wrench and the steel metal surface that its sitting on.

    Try instead using your cell video to investigate the areas you can't get a normal sight line of.

  • @Bunks said: in all dimensions, knower of all worlds.....both teacher and guide of gods as well as humans.....

    Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

    I want one!

    Grateful 4 Buddha
    Grateful for humain and hymen and even human buddhas badass
    Grateful for Sad He, Sad Hu and Happy Bod Hi

    Isn't it great to be grateful? Try your best ...

  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    Feeling especially grateful to the morning today.

    Grateful for fresh perspectives after coming out of sleep.
    Grateful for renewed energy to tackle the day.
    Grateful for new courage and health.
    Grateful for my morning coffee.

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