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A sane emotion

KeromeKerome Love, love is mysteryThe Continent Veteran

It struck me the other day that most emotions appear to be insane... they are upwellings from somewhere inside, in response to an event. So is there such a thing as a sane emotion? Of course it depends what you call sane, emotions do not think so it would be too much to expect them to be rational.

So a few questions...

Do emotions carry a charge, an imperative to action?
Can an emotion be clear, not colouring your perceptions?
Is it still an emotion if it is?

I was thinking about things like peace and equanimity. You could perhaps call them emotions, and they are more sane than for instance anger or even love.



  • Good question @Kerome :)

    I can perhaps illustrate the difference between insane and sane.

    When I swear at the toaster for being infuriatingly slow, I am usually crazed through lack of toast. When I praise my toast for being delicious ... wait ...

    I am too crazy to answer this question :3

    Looking foward to some inspired sanity from others ... 🤞🏼

  • Emotions have a way of either talking the self into doing something or out of doing something...often leaving the self in a state of limbo....I guess it is somewhat insane to talk to oneself...and we do this all the time...go figure ;)

    Do emotions carry a charge, an imperative to action?

    We are for the most part emotional creatures, more often than not driven by emotional charges...Energy in motion .... sadly at times lacking the emotional intelligence to know how to play their roller coaster game....

    Can an emotion be clear, not colouring your perceptions?
    Is it still an emotion if it is?

    I don't think emotions are clear, they have a habit of clouding one's judgement...

    Balance is from what I gather the key...

  • I tries again ... :3

    I am a see saw. Not a see sore.

  • howhow Veteran Veteran
    edited September 12

    Today I think that..
    Emotions are Dharmic lessons about whatever we are most likely to be unclear around.
    Both the shunning or embracing of any emotion limits our ability to see this teaching.
    The degree to which we can allow an emotions arrival, life and departure to transit freely beyond our conditioned impulses to cling, avoid or ignore them, is the same degree to which we can be awed by another living lesson of suffering's potential cessation.

  • We are for the most part emotional creatures

    Wot even St Greta Thunberg? Tight assed Sangha? Scientist types?

    I feel this is true. It is part of our animal heritage.

    The sane emotions are independent of monkey, lizard brain and physical survival.

    In essence - Buddha Nature @Shoshin

  • We are indeed affected by our emotions. They can and often do color our perceptions. Buddha Nature is overcoming the emotional perceptions aka: controlling the lesser mind.

    A wild ride, but great one.

    Peace to all

  • A sane emotion

    As someone regularly crazed by anger, anxiety, fear of insane politicians and malevolent gurus, lack of insight, fish from other dimensions etc etc ...
    I know a thing or two or several million about undisciplined emotions.

    This is why I use every trick in dharma/psychology/new age/self help etc cookbook to reinforce calm, sanity and peace of mindlessness.

    I need stability. It is the basis of all goodly emotions.

    Even though I consider @how as describing the higher sanity, I feel it represents practice after discipline ...

  • Somehow this brings to mind two unrelated/related statements,
    1. Question all opinions, including your own.
    2. Trust but verify
    As soon as you think you have "The Answer", check again.
    As soon as someone gives you the facts - check the facts.
    Guess there is Sanity, Higher Sanity and Reality.

    Enough dancing upon the cactus

    Peace to all

  • As soon as someone gives you the facts - check the facts.

    No worries....I have my alternative facts at the ready.... ;);)

  • Can an emotion be clear, not colouring your perceptions?

    I am uncleared.
    Still thoughts. Still emotions. Still body.


    Presence of Mind
    Peace of Cake
    Less wobbling

    Love, de motion and know surrender

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    I do not think of emotions as being either sane or insane. Emotions just... are. They are Neutral in nature...
    It is up to our adhering to the 8FP, as to whether we manifest and channel our emotions skilfully or UNskilfully...
    Rage can be just as skilful or unskilful as Joy.

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