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To have or have not

JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matterNetherlands Veteran

I came across this article in the Dutch Boeddhistisch Dagblad about a couple of buddhists who now live in Thailand:

They had some interesting comments on corona vaccinations...

That story ties in seamlessly with the article “History repeats itself: after HIV, the rich countries are now working against the corona crisis”, also in Trouw. Just like with HIV, corona vaccines are now too expensive for the poorer countries and just like with HIV, the rich countries, including the Netherlands, refuse to lift the patents, making it impossible for poorer countries to produce cheaper variants themselves. Despite all the solemn promises about the fair distribution of the vaccines, the rich countries have simply bought in abundance, with Canada as an outlier: the inhabitants can be vaccinated 9 times with the purchased stock. 4 doses per person will soon be available for residents of the EU. The COVAX purchasing program has been started for poorer countries to redeem these solemn promises. There is now 1 dose of vaccine available for every 10 people who depend on that program.

It doesn’t seem very fair.


  • JasonJason God Emperor Arrakis Moderator

    It's not. And if we ever want things to be more fair, we'll have to contend with the logic of capitalism and the effects of colonialism, among other things.

  • It doesn’t seem very fair.

    Ah yes. First Nobel Truth, followed by The Plan

    Four Nobel Truths:

    • It is not fair aka Dukkha ha!
    • There be causes aka Samudaya ya!
    • Prevention is possible aka Nirodha duh!
    • The Way aka Marga Ga!

    Give or give up ...

  • VimalajātiVimalajāti Whitby, Ontario Veteran
    edited December 2020

    Ha! Ya! Duh! Ga!
    Crustacean seed syllables. How do you pronounce them between your mandibles?

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