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Buddhist Technological Shabbat

ShanJieshi2ShanJieshi2 bahia blanca Veteran

Lately I have noticed that I spend more time on the computer than I like, and even more if I add the dependence on the phone.
I was discussing this with a friend when I remembered that my friend Marcelo, who is orthodox Jewish, has a day when he doesn't answer the phone or many other things.
Then I thought: since there is so much talk about dopamine detox, I should adopt a Buddhist version and put it into action.
I already do it with food and intermittent fasting, now let's go for the technology!


  • howhow Veteran Veteran

    I** try** to moderate the koan of my own daily photon addiction by only sitting in front of my computer for as long as I formally sit on my zafu.

    It sometimes reminds me of choosing to only drink dry martinis( which I hated) in my youth when I was trying to curtail my social drinking.

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran
    edited February 2022

    You may consider taking the eight precepts on occasion? They can be taken weekly (new moon, full moon and half moon) or fortnightly on the new moon and full moon.
    1, No killing
    2. No stealing
    3. No sexual activity
    4. No lying
    5. No drugs or alcohol
    6. No eating at inappropriate times (after noon)
    7. No application of perfumes or watching of entertainment I.e, tv, non dhamma books, computer or phone
    8. No sitting or sleeping in luxurious places.

  • ShanJieshi2ShanJieshi2 bahia blanca Veteran

    In this case it refers only to a day of technological fasting (
    The rest of the obvservances stays active as always.

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    @ShanJieshi2 said:
    In this case it refers only to a day of technological fasting (
    The rest of the obvservances stays active as always.

    Very good…..Sadhu 🙏

  • Hola ShanJieshi! En primer lugar, me alegra ver a otro hispano-hablante por el foro :)

    Regarding your post, my current teacher -Ajahn Sona- (in the line of what Bunks has already shared), recommends us to have a day of observance per week. He calls it a day dedicated to the dhamma. I think "internet fasting" and being present without any screens is a great way to practise as well, definitively complementary!

    “El mundo se está convirtiendo en una caverna igual que la de Platón: todos mirando imágenes y creyendo que son la realidad” - José Saramago

    Translation --> "The world is becoming a cave just like Plato's: everyone looking at images and believing that they are reality"

  • ShanJieshi2ShanJieshi2 bahia blanca Veteran

    Hola @Kotishka !! Que bueno!!
    I keep the daily rule of observance in the form of Right Attention>>>Right Energy and Vigilance of actions at every moment of the day.
    Of course we all benefit from this in the way we have been taught and practice it.

    Ajahn Sona is a great teacher and I must dig deeper into the material that is available.

  • now let's go for the technology!

    Our internet was down today. A rare occurrence.
    Now back just in time for a fast precept brake breakfast …

    Are these observances some sort of temporary straining staining. Think I might ascetically give them up … o:)

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